• Vibrant Life – Overcoming Self Consciousness

    For Professionals to develop Strong Self Esteem & Confidence

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  • Where do I start with Inner Coaching?

    Explore one of the three levels below, for the different ways to work with me, Telana.

    If you’re not sure what options are best for you then a Readiness Session is a good start, to chat about what you want to develop and explore your options suited to your needs.

    Testimonials here.           Guidelines for choosing a Coach here.

  • Meet Telana

    Your Personal Expression Coach

    Telana is a caring and focused facilitator who has a passion for expression.  She coaches and trains individuals to find authentic ways of communicating, relating and expressing their inner potentials.  

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Excite & Encourage

Introductory level

If you’ve just met me, and want to step up to the plate and also get to know me and what I offer, these are some options to begin your journey with me:

* Free stuff
*e-course * Podcast Shows
* Short workshops
* Short Performance Coaching options

More info here to excite and encourage you.

Energise & Enrich

In-depth & Tailored Level

If you are ready to step up a gear and want a more personalized approach, consider hiring me as your Personal Coach, or attending my longer trainings.

* Coaching for Excellence programme
* Communication Coaching
* Relationship Coaching
* Entrepreneur Coaching
* Vibrant Life – for Self Conscious Women
* Communication Excellence Training

More info here to energise and enrich you.

Enliven & Enthuse

Mastery Level

If you feel like you have some of the basics in place, but know there are gaps and you want to deal with them, or polish your communication skills, then you’re ready for the Mastery level. This level is my highly tailored approach and advanced courses.

* Leadership Coaching
* Live Communication Coaching
* Breakthrough Sessions
* Positive Confrontation Course
* Keynote Talks

More info here to enliven and enthuse you.

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