Inner Coaching’s Partners and Associates

I believe in keeping focused and specialising in what I do best- coaching and training. However I also believe that there is not only one way to get superb results, and often a mixture of approaches achieves the best results. With this in mind, I am seeking out and working with others who are specialists in their respective fields. Sometimes when you combine approaches- magic happens! Thus I can recommend and often work in association with the following experts and specialists:

Introducing Paul Myburgh

Paul Myburgh | Inner Coaching | image Paul offers breakthrough sessions and motivational talks to groups.  Read more about his sessions here to find out why I recommend him. Subscribe to Paul Myburg’s mailing list, for notification of his events and articles:

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Nicole BurkhardtIntroducing Nicole Burkhardt

Sessions with Nicole Burkhardt compliment my coaching, in that they are healing  on both the physical and energetic levels, and help to unlock unconscious blocks.  Nicole  integrates PaRama BodyTalk, Pranic Healing, Breathwork, Sound and KaHuna techniques in her relaxing and transformational sessions.  Read more about Nicole here.

To contact any of my associates, send me an email and I’ll personally introduce you to them.


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