Telana Simpson- Communication & Personal Coach

Introducing Telana Simpson

Telana works with people who want to make changes in their life, and who want to improve their communication skills and ability to express themselves verbally, creatively, emotionally and physically. They are individuals, entrepreneurs, employees, managers, team members, team leaders, project managers, students, parents, travellers, musicians, artists, leaders, coaches, and adventurers. They are local, national and international. (Testimonials here)

Telana works with people who:Telana Simpson- Communication Coach

  • Are tired of being self conscious
  • Are ready to start speaking up more but don’t know how to
  • Want to overcome their fear of confrontation
  • Have something to say or do in the world, and want to get over whatever is holding them back from expressing it
  • Want to build sustainable businesses in the world
  • Are looking for alternative and holistic approaches to health challenges

(for more details about if Telana would be a fit for you, see this list of indicators)

What does Telana offer?

Telana offers the following:

  • Coaching programmes to develop holistically, spiritually, relationally, intentionally, and personally, specialising in communication challenges, and entrepreneurial pursuits
  • Training to understand the complexity of communication with the aim to master your communication, relationship and influencing abilities
  • Support and facilitation for entrepreneurs and creators to develop personally and professionally, to find their unique flare and expression
  • An alternative, complimentary and holistic approach to health management for auto-immune illnesses

Why choose Telana as your coach?

  • She’s a systems-evolver and pushes the bar of possibility
  • She’s fascinated by consciousness evolution and those who take risks and dare to go where no-one has been before
  • She loves creation- being a creative co-creator herself, skilled at making something out of nothing
  • She’s an early adaptor, been involved in ground breaking information & projects, start-ups, pioneering industries and her own businesses
  • She follows her joy and co-creates in this world, inspiring others by her example
  • She collects conversations and moments
  • She’s all about expression, manifesting, creation, enthusiasm, evolving, transforming, consciousness
  • She climbs rocks and trees, trades a matchstick, scuba dives, tango’s, tweets and celebrates life

Telana’s background and resume

  • She’s been coaching professionally since 2002 and has been using a coaching management style throughout her career.
  • Her background includes working as a manager and coach in start-ups in the e-commerce industry, the quick service food sector, and the cycling industry.
  • She experienced some health challenges in 2005 and through her journey to well being, has come to specialize in the areas of health and communication.
  • Her qualifications include: BSc Honours in Psychology degree specialising in Psychology and Physiology, ACMC (Associate Certified Meta Coach) & Meta-Coach Supervisor, certified Neuro-Semantic Master Practitioner and Trainer, McIntyre System ® Coach, and trained in the paradigms of Energetic Living™ and The New Human™.
  • She is a founding member of the MCF (Meta Coach Foundation) and COMENSA (Coaches and Mentors of South Africa).
  • She’s the founder and Anchor Host of the online TV Shows Let’s Talk Possibility and the soon to be launched (in early 2015) Let’s Talk Communication.
  • She has been the keynote speaker at events and conferences, and appeared on radio and television, and been interviewed for many magazines and newspapers.



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