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I ask my clients to share their testimonials, to help a future client considering coaching or training with Inner Coaching, to make an informed decision.  Many have shared their thoughts, and are contactable for references.


A Nursing Student's Testimonial

“Inner Coaching really changed my life, now I am a happy and an excited person. I am no longer sad like I used to be, I look forward to the future and every challenges that life will throw at me to handle them the best way that I can, Inner Coaching is really worth it.” DL, Nursing student July 2016 Testimonial about the Coaching for Excellence programme.

A Business Manager and Entrepreneur's testimonial about coaching

"It is actually a tough situation to evaluate your behavior, particularly if you own your decisions and realise you are 100% responsible for them. However, at the same time it gives you a new perspective of how to handle things differently moving forward. It takes courage, but if you considering coaching it is most probably the right time to use this approach for personal development." - Business Manager and Entrepreneur, May 2015, About a personalised Coaching Programme

Rumisha Motilal's Testimonial

Rumisha's testimonial about Coaching“From my coaching I specifically gained an overall evaluation and insight of what was holding me back to reach ultimate goals. Telana has assisted me to explore ways to prevent limitations and experience living in the moment more. She is vibrant, energetic and so dedicated to her role. She inspires and finds ways to assist you to overcome the challenge you are faced with. I found Telana extremely knowledgeable about the content she discussed through each session. She is a person who empowers people to be greater than they are.   The coaching gives you an opportunity to monitor and watch your progress and is a “hands on” process which deals with an individual’s development area. I found myself learning new things after each session and once I implemented the guidelines I witnessed immediate results. It exceeded my expectations as I have attained the goals I set out before the coaching.   Thank you Telana for the amazing experience. I am so much more confident. I am speaking publically more often, you have reinstated the value I thought I lost in myself. I cannot repay you for the self belief you have restored in my personal and corporate life.   My recommendation to others considering coaching is to go for it. The only thing holding you back is your own fear to become a better individual.”     - Rumisha Motilal May 2015     Testimonial about the Live Coaching Programme

Testimonial from Paul Bouchier

"I was battling to think through certain issues around work, life and achieving my level of desired success and no matter how much I thought this through, I was not getting to any concrete results. The Inner Coaching experience allowed me through the right questioning to get to these answers. It also assisted me to understand where the "gaps" were and how to close these gaps. I would encourage everyone to attend a coaching programme at some stage during their lives."   - Paul Bouchier Sales Director, SSA (Pty) Ltd April 2015   Testimonial about the Live Coaching Programme

A Leader's Testimonial

"Coaching has been a valuable experience that enhanced my ability as a leader and enriched my personal being.

It helped me focus on achieving more meaningful and higher impact goals, build better relationships and respond more decisively to demands in my career and personal life.

Ultimately, it is a journey reflecting on your life – a gift from you to you!"

- Anonymous Leader

October 2014

About a personalised Leadership Coaching intervention with Telana

RK's Testimonial about coaching

“This is best for people who don’t only want to solve their known issues being careers, family etc but also for people who want to learn skills that they can use for life.”

- R.K., Business Analyst

August 2014

Testimonial about the Coaching for Excellence programme.

LT's testimonial about coaching

"Inner Coaching was extremely effective for me. The coaching got me to a point where I know who I am, I know what I want and I know how I want to get there. The coaching has opened up many opportunities for me."   - LT September 2014 Testimonial about the Coaching for Excellence programme.

Cathy Taitz's testimonial

“My testimonial of my Inner Coaching experience is new energy, greater sense of fun, professional, independence and knowing more about life and me.  Most of us know what we know and know what we don’t know, but all too often we don’t know what we don’t know.  I could have missed out on so much – I have discovered so much about life and myself through coaching.  Scary to think what would have happened if I didn't discover Telana!”

- Cathy Taitz, Owner -The Learning Material Expert
July 2007

Testimonial about the Coaching for Excellence programme.


Angie's Testimonial about Coaching


What is your testimonial about your Inner Coaching experience?
A client, Angie, shares her testimonial about Inner CoachingIt has empowered me to look at my expectations to understand that I am only responsible for me. To set healthy boundaries, because I now believe I am worthy of love and respect first from myself. Telana is great in helping put things into perspective, very honest and unbiased and it is wonderful to have someone to hear your story and listen and guide you when you feel lost, overwhelmed...

Do you have any comments that may help a future client considering coaching or training with Inner Coaching?
Just understanding a few things helps make a huge difference. So I would recommend everyone attends just to get an understanding of how we are and what we do adn the affect it has and also where it stems from.

-Angie Mansour
February 2014 

Testimonial about the Coaching for Excellence programme.

Bronwyn's Testimonial about coaching

What is your testimonial of your Inner Coaching experience?
Very pleased with the outcome and glad I made the decision. I gained clarity on road blocks in my life and tools to overcome them.

Do you have any other comments they may help a future client considering coaching or training with Inner Coaching?
If it does not challenge you, it does not change you. Welcome the challenge!

- Bronwyn Crawford
March 2013

Testimonial about the Coaching for Excellence programme

Shanel's Testimonial

“If you are stuck in a rut or struggling in any areas of your life, Telana is exceptionally skillful in helping you understand and work through what you need to work through to move forward with better clarity and intentionality. She keeps you accountable to what you really want.”

- Shanel Munger, Learning Manager at Edcon
January 2014

Testimonial about the Coaching for Excellence programme

Pumi's testimonial

Pumi, a client, shares her views on Inner Coaching"I would recommend the coaching program I went for to anyone who wants to use their ability to the fullest, strike balance in their lives and discover their personality. Most importantly they helped me identify my life’s purpose and I feel empowered knowing that my life has a purpose and after knowing my purpose I am now drawing to me all things that help me to fulfill it."

-  Pumi
September 2013

Testimonial about our "Coaching for Excellence" Programme

Hazel Kurian's testimonial

"My experience has been a fruitful one, with many of the changes that I wanted to see being made in the time that I consulted my Life Coach. It was beneficial to me to feel accountable to someone other than myself, who shared in my progress.  I was able to discuss practical issues and changes that I wanted to implement. I am glad I had the opportunity to try a personal growth mode that complements psychotherapy so well."

- Hazel Kurian, Psychologist, One Headspace
September, 2012 

Testimonial about our "Coaching for Excellence" Programme

Nicole Vorster's Testimonial

"When I started off with coaching I had a list of things that I needed to change in my life. I was a new mom and just separated from my husband and I felt lost & it felt like my life was falling apart. I needed drastic change and a friend recommended that I see a life coach. At first I was skeptical but After four months of coaching I left as a new person and never imagined what life coaching would add to my life. The coaching excelled my expectations….I arrived a broken "girl" with a list of things I wanted to change and left a whole, proud, confident, empowered and inspired woman ready to complete my journey in life with a new excitement for life.

 All I can say is thank you. Thank you for changing my life forever……"

- Nicole Vorster
September 2012 

Testimonial about our "Coaching for Excellence" Programme

DD's Testimonial

"Inner Coaching provided a great structure for me to articulate my goals and follow up to achieve them. Telana was an organized, efficient and readily available coach who went out of her way to help me achieve the goals I set for myself."

- DD, April 2009

Testimonial about our "Coaching for Excellence" Programme

Mordie Kruger' testimonial

“I am very pleased to say - I received my results on Friday 16:00 - and I PASSED!!!!!!

I have now passed my final exam during my journey in becoming a Chartered Accountant!!!!

I would not have been able to do this without your guidance; assistance; motivation and the techniques that you taught me during our sessions!

The following techniques really helped me:
1) The Genius Exercise.
2) The Plan of Action E-mails with the summery of all the conclusions sent to me after each of our sessions.
3) Power Session: Self Esteem vs. Self Confidence.
4) Helping me with understanding and addressing "My all or nothing thinking" - and helping me in giving myself permission to relax and take the required study breaks.
5) Helping me realize that this is just "another test" (Not the end of the world) and that I can in fact do this!
6) Exam day and study simulations - helping me to have a "vision" of the exam day, venue, how to handle stress on the day, and how to handle what could go wrong.
7) Developing a plan of action to study for the exam, taking breaks, what to do during study leave, and what to do on exam day.
8) And finally helping me in my journey to pass this test!
Thank you very much!!!! Wouldn't have been able to do this without your guidance and coaching!"

-Mordie Kruger, Internal Auditor, 
March 2011

Testimonial about our personalised Breakthrough Coaching Programme

Neil Philipson's testimonial

“One of the best experiences I have had. An experience that has rekindled my passions and my senses. It has woken me up to what our purpose is on earth. It was an experience I needed and I hope others will not shy away from”

- Neil Philipson, Sales Team Leader, Liberty Life

Testimonial about our "Coaching for Excellence" Programme

C.D.'s Testimonial

"I was faced with what I found to be an enormously challenging and difficult emotional decision. The situation was causing me a lot of distress; so much that it was affecting me physically through back-ache, headaches, stomach pain and cramps. Working with Telana helped me to see what choices I had, what the implications of those choices were, and to define what a good outcome would be like. Her clear questions, helpful insights and structured approach gave me a huge amount of confidence in coming to a decision and feeling confident about it. I understood why I had made the decision, the limitations of it and how to go about communicating it. Overall the experience was very empowering - I felt I had taken grasp of my life."

-C.D., Marketing Director

Testimonial about our Breakthrough Coaching


A.D.'s Testimonial

"Telana has an empathic and insightful approach combined with an ability to challenge appropriately and gently. Telana's wisdom is beyond her years, and she is both professional and highly skilled in the work she does. Her coaching skills made the process both enjoyable and meaningful to me. I would not hesitate to contact Telana again in the future, should I have goals I need clarification on and assistance in achieving them."

-A.D., Psychologist

Testimonial about our Breakthrough Coaching

M.B.'s testimonial

"I needed so help in making a big life changing career choice, didn't know which way to turn. Was I making a mistake? Is it the best time for me? I remembered Telana, a Life Coach, and thought, "What have I got to loose?". Lets see what this is all about. I gave her a call, made a plan to see her, not knowing what to expect. We met for 2 hours, I spoke most of the time, with Telana guiding my mind with well placed probing questions. I drew on the board, wrote down ideas, thoughts and Telana coached. After the session I had made my decision and felt very confident that I had chosen the right path and was rearing to put the change in motion. Thanks Telana. I don't know how you did it, but you did!"


Testimonial about our Breakthrough Coaching

Tebogo Mailula's Testimonial

“I was at a point of seeking something better and operating at higher levels that I knew I could but was frustrated in not being able to break through. The questions I had of my life purpose and destiny were getting louder and I had to stop and seek out the answers. Through coaching I found the space and tools for self-discovery that has led me to answer my own questions and the empowerment to direct my life to where I know I am meant to go.”

- Tebogo Mailula, Owner & Founder, Alpha Food & Vending Solutions.
December 2011

Testimonial about our "Coaching for Excellence" Programme

Vanessa Parish's Testimonial

My testimonial of my Inner Coaching experience is… "A life altering, profound experience which has afforded me with the privilege of getting to know my true self and understanding the concept that I am so much more than I give myself credit for. This has filled my life 'toolbox' with all the equipment I need to face life head on, with love and inner understanding."

- Vanessa Parish, Business Analyst, EOH.
April 2011

Testimonial about our "Coaching for Excellence" Programme

Lynn Chalmers's testimonial

"One of the best decisions I have made, Telana is a highly talented coach and managed to guide me through what was at times a challenging yet ultimately life-changing experience. I found the integrity, passion and commitment that Telana brought to all my sessions a huge inspiration and the personal outcomes I managed to realize far exceeded my expectations. I am quite sure the skills and personal awareness I have developed through this coaching experience will continue to contribute to my personal growth and the realization of many goals."

- Lynn Chalmers, Head Service Coordination, Standard Bank South Africa

Testimonial about our "Coaching for Excellence" Programme

Ulrike Schöttler's testimonial

"All my desired outcomes have been almost met. I learnt how to meet deadlines, be more bold, be more courage’s and that all fears are created in the mind based on everybody’s frame of mind (beliefs). I discovered that everything is possible if only I want it badly enough. My business moved forward considerably and I am motivated to go out and market myself. Telana pushed me far enough to manage my actions and to experience them which was the best learning process. I learnt al lot from her and I am able to use it for my own business. It was an awakening and motivating experience. Positive Changes happened to me which will last."

- Ulrike Schöttler, Owner and Career Coach,
Ulrike Schöttler Business & Life Coaching cc
Jan 2009 

Testimonial about our "Coaching for Excellence" Programme

A.F.'s testimonial

"A sure way to discover what one needs to do to make life lasting changes and become a better person."

-A.F., Entrepreneur,
May 2009

Testimonial about our Entrepreneur Coaching Programme


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