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I ask my clients to share their testimonials, to help a future client considering coaching or training with Inner Coaching, to make an informed decision.  Many have shared their thoughts, and are contactable for references.


Sue-Ann's Testimonial

"I found the small, intimate format much more engaging than other courses I’ve had that have classes of 10 or more participants. It was much easier to ask questions and to relate to both the answers and my fellow participants. I appreciated that we weren’t expected to participate in role-play, but to actually experience the various states and encouraged to reach inside and bring forth positive memories that helped make the practise sessions more real. There’s still work to be done, of course - it’s not a magic bullet - but this is a great grounding course from which to start improving my life. And I have started implementing the Power Pose and the Appreciation state already!" – Sue-Ann Cooper, Digital Marketing Specialist July 2016 About the Vibrant Life: Develop your Confidence and Esteem course.

Ralph's Testimonial

“I found the seminar extremely enlightening.  It has provided me with a much broader view of how I use filters and interpretations to decode life.  The course provides tools and exercises, which I find very useful to improve my outlook and attitude.  I feel that I have now obtained direction and a way forward in my goal of “finding my own space” in life and living more freely.” – Ralph Whittal, Software Programmer, June 2016 About the Vibrant Life: Develop your Confidence and Esteem course.

Natasha's Testimonial

"Vibrant Life is a brilliant course that provided insight to how my thoughts and behaviours stifled my potential at work and at home. It then provided me with the tools and information to embrace my emotions and with 100% self-esteem, valuing who I am and what I have to offer the world, as well as valuing others. It has helped me to practice courage and confidence in all that I do. Mostly it helped me to think about how I react to stimuli and how to use filters to promote healthy behaviour, as well as be in control of my emotions and not allow others to control how I feel. It is a life-changing course. Thank you Telana." - Natasha Chetty, Business Development Manager, May 2016 About the Vibrant Life: Develop your Confidence and Esteem course.

Tshegofatso's Testimonial

My testimonial of the “Vibrant Life: Build your confidence and esteem” is: definitely a course that every woman should empower herself with. I believe that, we as women are sometimes so hard on ourselves that we end up taking the blame for mistakes of others. This course has taught me so much about myself and relating to other people. It is worth it indeed. The best thing about it is that it applies to every aspect of one’s life and relationships they might have. For me, it has opened the door to a life changing journey I wish I had taken a long time ago. - Tshegofatso Koma, Attorney, August 2015 About the Vibrant Life: Develop your Confidence and Esteem course.

Testimonial from Thulani

Before your talk I found it hard to do cold calling due to the amount of rejection. I used to take rejection so personally that I sometimes couldn't even continue making calls after what I considered a harsh rejection which impacted on my targets. After your talk, I have learned to brush rejection aside and carry on doing my job. It has given me so much confidence that I am now starting to double the number of cold calls I make in a week. I would definitely recommend your services to colleagues and friends.   - Thulani Cele Business Development Executive at Songhai Corporate Travel April 2015   Testimonial about the "Reject Rejection" Keynote talk.

Saskia's Testimonial

“I had an AHA moment in the session that I can separate my God-given value from my behaviour and what I do. Who I am is not what I do or not do. My value comes as a gift and all I can do is accept it.  I can now choose to no longer give away my “value remote” and expect other people to press the green button that gives me value or the red button that removes my value. I take the remote” – Saskia, Preschool Teacher March 2015 Testimonial about the Dose of Self Confidence Power Session.

Hannelie's Testimonial

“What a relief to finally have the tools to take back control over my own life and happiness.  Understanding the separation between self esteem and confidence made the biggest difference and I immediately felt worthy again. I’m definitely doing more session with Telana.” - Hannelie, Sales Rep March 2015 Testimonial about the Dose of Self Confidence Power Session.

Alex Fairbrass' Testimonial

“I am skeptical by nature, when I heard of the course that Telana was offering I was somewhat skeptical. I figured why now? It cannot hurt. I found that what Telana said made a lot of sense and kept me thinking.”

- Alex Fairbrass

March 2014

Testimonial about the Dose of Self Confidence Power Session.

Natasha Oosthuizen's Testimonial

"This was the most challenging decision in my life, to do something good for myself. I have learnt so much during the month of the Vibrant Life course that I was sad to see it end. During this month I realised that it’s not me, it’s not always my fault or responsibility to come to the rescue, I can’t be responsible for everybody around me. This is definitely my biggest achievement in life! (The course is even better than the description on the website; you get so much more in the course.)"

- Natasha Oosthuizen

November, 2014 

About the Vibrant Life: Develop your Confidence and Esteem course.

Testimonial from Laura

"I would recommend the Dose of Self Confidence course because it really shifted my perspective. I didn't know there was a fundamental difference between self esteem and self confidence. Once I understood that, it changed my whole way of thinking. My insecurity was starting to affect my relationships negatively. Now I feel like I have the tools to make a real change – for myself. I felt totally at ease with Telana and learnt so much. I'm already looking forward to getting stuck into another course with her."

- Laura Maggs

September 2014

Testimonial about the Dose of Self Confidence Power Session

Stacey's Testimonial

"A Dose of Self Confidence is a beneficial top-up to ones pursuit of wellness. No matter what age or stage in life you’re at, Telana insightfully promotes exchange and investigation into esteem and affirmation. I left the session feeling more confident, reminded of my sense-of-worth and willing to tackle any obstacles in my path. "

- Stacey Rozen, Creative Director

September 2014

Testimonial about the Dose of Self Confidence Power Session

Nonkosi's testimonial

“Difference between Self Confidence and Self Esteem were defined in a way that I have never imagined.  Nothing and no one can take away my worth / value.  My self esteem is unconditional.  I am ready to take on the world! :)”

- Nonkosi, Trainee Business Analyst

March 2014

Testimonial about the Dose of Self Confidence Power Session

Aalia's testimonial about A Dose of Self Confidence

“My testimonial about the Dose of Self Confidence Power Session is:  
It has given me the ability to know the difference between esteem and confidence. I've learnt about acceptance and appreciation. I've learnt not to degrade myself due to my confidence levels but instead believe in myself.”     

-  Aalia, Teacher
March 2014

Testimonial about the Dose of Self Confidence Power Session 

Sherilyn's Testimonial about our Power Session

“Before today I did not know the difference between self-esteem and self-confidence. Now that I do know the difference, I will never allow myself to feel worthless ever again and because of this, I will have the confidence to attempt new things and if I fail, I will see it as an opportunity to improve myself rather than allow it to make me feel of a lesser value.”

-  Sherilyn
March 2014

Testimonial about the Dose of Self Confidence Power Session 

Phumlani's Testimonial

"I found the session to be moving and motivational as there are things in my personal life that I have been battling with and it was all because I did not accept that I had no power over them. The session spoke to me and opened my eyes to the reality of the things that I have let put me down because, like most people I did not make a distinction between self confidence and self esteem and thus let things I cannot do define me."

- Phumlani Makhaye, Project Manager
 November 2013

Testimonial about the Dose of Self Confidence Power Session 


Kylie Crichton's testimonial

"Thank you so much for Saturday! I loved the session and came away with so many things to think about and challenge myself with... Just the fact that I have value and worth in me is a big thing. I loved the image of the newborn baby that can be anything and do anything – it has unlimited potential. Just because we grow up doesn't mean that isn't still true. My worth is not defined by what I do – it is in me and it is not something I have to earn and prove."

- Kylie Crichton, Image Consultant, K Storm Image Consulting 
July 2013

Testimonial about the Dose of Self Confidence Power Session 

Testimonial from Shanel

"Understanding the difference between self-esteem and self-confidence is a powerful, liberating truth. I’m grateful that there is someone like Telana to share it with such sincerity and simplicity."

- Shanel Munger, Learning Manager at Edcon
July 2013

Testimonial about the Dose of Self Confidence Power Session 

Lorna Kombol's testimonial

"Being able to take the concepts learnt in your day to day life, and applying them, and passing on what I've learnt and sharing with others is very fulfilling, helping others to help themselves. Thank you Telana, you've made me start to think differently about things, it's a work in progress, but I know I’m going to get there this time."

-  Lorna Kombol, Education Program Specialist, SAP South Africa
October 2013

About the Vibrant Life: Develop your Confidence and Esteem course.

Martha van Zyl's testimonial

"Four weeks have passed and I can honestly say that I’m a different person. I’m talking about completing the Vibrant Life workshop with Telana Simpson. What I've learned is that this is a constant work in progress, and thanks to the tools we've been given, we should be able to deal with whatever life throws at us more effectively."

Read more of Martha's view here.

- Martha van Zyl, Syllable of  Syllable in the City
October 2013 

About the Vibrant Life: Develop your Confidence and Esteem course.

Zdena Moyle's testimonial

"To attend this course could be likened to a light bulb being switched on - it taught me to handle bad situations in a more positive way and remove myself from over analyzing happenings without affecting my self esteem. I trust it will change my outlook even more in the future."

- Zdena Moyle
October, 2013 

About the Vibrant Life: Develop your Confidence and Esteem course.


Alice's testimonial

"I am happy and looking forward to my new journey. Thank you"

- Alice, Personal Assistant
October, 2013 

About the Vibrant Life: Develop your Confidence and Esteem course.


Marsha Massyn-Loubser's Testimonial

"The four fundamental principles explained during the course when applied to my life, changed my life significantly. It removed my fears, self-doubt and self sabotaging behaviour.

I'm now equipped and empowered to enjoy life's challenges. Thanks for opening my eyes to a new world Telana!"

-Marsha Massyn-Loubser, Financial Manager, Ansy LTD
October, 2013 

About the Vibrant Life: Develop your Confidence and Esteem course.

Taryn's Testimonial

“This course has allowed me to see the world differently, as well as myself and others. I will definitely be applying these principles to everything I do and experience from now on. Thanks Telana!”

- Taryn, Interior Designer, Raven Design Studio

Testimonial about our Vibrant Life: Build your confidence and esteem course

Paballo Mosiane's Testimonial

“My eyes have been opened to a whole new world. I feel as though I have more control over myself (thoughts and emotions) and that I am able to handle situations that I find myself in. The greatest part about this programme is that the content allows you to drive into yourself and discover gifts you never knew you had. I feel empowered. I look forward to leading a vibrant life.”

- Paballo Mosiane, Communications Administrator at Infinity Learning

Paballo also write this longer article entitled "Self esteem, self confidence and the difference" about her experience in the Vibrant Life course.

Testimonial about our Vibrant Life: Build your confidence and esteem course

Nicole's testimonial

"My wish for all my friends and family and my son is to realise this important message and difference and this unconditional self worth. I will teach and advocate this to all that I love.”

- Nicole, Company Secretary/Compliance Officer

Testimonial about our Self Esteem Power Session


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