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I am constantly adding to the list of articles below, covering topics related to communication, personal development, financial intelligence, coaching, Neuro-Semantics and NLP, consciousness evolution, spirituality, relationships and more.


22/03/17How to not take things personally

PART 2  (see Part 1 here)

By Telana Simpson

If you have heard others repeatedly say to you “stop taking things so personally” with a tone of exasperation and frustration, and heard yourself say “everybody is just against me, I can’t seem to do anything right” then it might be time to put down those victim-mentality glasses that taint the way you see the world.

I’m guessing that you feel always under attack, like you are never good enough, that nobody ever listens to you, they are always challenging what you say, and you feel so alone in the world.

In my previous article I talked about what the Victim-Mentality Lens looks like, and how it plays out in our lives (see Part 1 here).

Now, I’d like to go a bit more in depth into

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24/01/17Taking Things Personally


By Telana Simpson

You’ve heard the saying, probably countless time: Perception is everything. Your perception influences how you see the world.

Yet we so often forget this, as our perceptions (the pairs of rose-tinted lenses or dark sunglasses through which we see the world) become so comfortable, that we’re so used to wearing them. They become our default. We forget that we are actually using some filters and could change them anytime we chose.

Sometimes we are active and conscious in changing them. Like when we read something, educate ourselves, seek out a mentor, coach or therapist to help us become aware of our choice in lenses that frame our world. We can then make healthier, more useful choices by changing the filters, or cleaning the lenses.

Victim mentality sunglassesIf we don’t actively engage in that process, life usually gives us a kick, saying it’s about time we

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26/10/16Join the Shine Revolution

By Telana Simpson

We were a few sessions into her coaching programme, and as she sat down, she shared how she was not looking forward to the business trip coming up. It meant a week travelling with her boss.

One of her coaching outcomes was to find her way to manage, engage with and hopefully develop her relationship with her superior.

“Any suggestion I make, she just pulls it apart” she complained when we first met. “She has even told me not to contribute in specific meetings – but I just had to add something. She was missing some vital information which could have damaged our company. And then afterwards, her boss came to me and he asked why I took so long to speak up!” She felt exasperated, not knowing how to manage the tricky dynamics with her boss.

She was wondering if

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17/06/16Q & A about Work-Life Balance for Entrepreneurs

How to reclaim control of your life

Today more than ever people across the globe are trying to find that elusive work / life balance. Balancing your career and your personal life isn’t easy and a lot of people aren’t even sure how to divide their time.

Here is the low down on achieving a sound work / life balance and why it’s important to reclaim control of your life.

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24/04/165 Feel Good Video Clips about Humanity

Some days, the world’s problems seem too much. They weigh heavy on my shoulders, and the darkness feels palpable and unbearable.

I’ve had those times too where the pain I’ve seen and heard about in my exploring of what’s possible, led me to breakdown in tears, feeling like I was closing down in a pit of despair.

I’ve been fortunate though to have found a way to reached out, and come across a book, a poem, a glimpse of humanity at its finest, that helped me pull myself towards myself to crawl out the pit in the days that followed.

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