I LOVE my life! Personal Coaching Programme

Personal Coaching Programme to create the life you will LOVEIf you can’t say “I love my life!” right now, then this is for you!

It’s time to create the life you will love!

Here are the steps we will take:

  • Develop intentional savvy on the direction your life is taking
  • Flesh out your ideal work
  • Grow foundational life skills to set you up for success by overcoming fear of failure, embracing  better relationship skills and mastering your emotions
  • Conquer whatever is holding you back from declaring, “Hell yeah!” to your life!

Deal with what needs to be dealt with. Live and love your life in your unique manner and achieve your personal goals.

Take action now with the support and guidance of your life coach. Figure out your priorities and how to make the changes you need in order to LOVE your life.

#ilovemylifeYou’ll leave this programme with:

  • More passion
  • Decisions made and implemented
  • Improved people skills to set healthy boundaries and grow relationships
  • An inner strength, with increased confidence and self esteem
  • A higher EQ (emotional intelligence)
  • Nifty techniques to manage your states and attitudes quickly and easily
  • Direction in your life with your goals written, in a Career Plan and your own ❤ MY Life! Vision document
  • and much more!

And if you don’t- I’ll give you your money back! That’s how sure I am that I can guarantee you results and that you’ll be living a life you love!

And it’s a fabulous way to grow and develop. But don’t take just my word for it- here is what others have said after being through coaching with me:

  • “A fantastic, great, discovering journey with a lot of highs and new energy. I feel empowered and revitalised.”
  • “It was a journey of self discovery that opened my mind.”
  • “Emotional, enlightening, invaluable.”
  • “It was quite challenging to establish what the issues were and how to go about resolving them but Telana’s enthusiasm made it a very satisfying, fun and ultimately successful experience.”
  • “An absolutely ground breaking method of drawing out the best and challenging weak areas of myself. Allowing me to achieve my full potential and at the same time giving me the ability to check up on myself constantly without supervision.”
  • “Life changing. The Neuro-Semantic model in itself is astounding and Inner Coaching definitely does it justice by introducing the right mix of personal & intimate delivery, facilitation & academic teachings, making it relevant, understandable & highly practical, with the use of real-life scenarios.”

(Read my other testimonials by clicking here.)


This programme, can be run privately (one-on-one), or in my Collective Coaching format, which is 2 sessions in a small group (6 people), and 5 private one-on-one-with-me-your-personal-coach sessions.

The day long group session covers all the foundational building blocks for good relationships and communication that I find I teach all my clients, and covers emotions, self confidence, healthy boundary setting and the best effective communication model I know of.

Download a PDF about this programme here.

Next Step

So – if this grabs you in any way, how about a no obligations Readiness Session to work out if this is the right programme for you? (This session is R360).  From that session you can decide for sure.

Call me on 083 730 2979 or email telana@innercoaching.co.za to book your Readiness Session.


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