Teaching of Skills and Personal Development Seminars

If you recognise the need to continue your development or have specific needs, my workshops and seminars provide training that both inspires and educates, giving those who attend practical skills, knowledge and competencies that are useful and specific.

These training sessions can be tailored for both personal and professional development, and cover soft skills, building personal capacity to deal with today’s challenges, improving performance and enhancing your capability to not only manage, but excel.

Topics I offer training and workshops on:


  • Communication Excellence – understand the complexity of getting your message across and improve your communication skills
  • Positive Confrontation – master how to deal with conflict and confrontation, in a productive and positive manner that gets issues resolved
  • Giving and Receiving Feedback – Develop the critical skills of giving high quality feedback, and how to receive criticism and make it constructive

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  • Developing your Self Esteem and Self Confidence – how to increase self esteem and confidence, giving you a sense of personal empowerment and value from which to live
  • Emotional Mastery – manage your emotions and those of others, to increase your EQ (emotional intelligence)
  • Responsibility and Accountability – Understanding our natural powers for taking effective action and how ownership of these leads to empowerment, drawing the line of responsibility, promoting accountability


Communication Excellence

Vibrant Life - Build your confidence and esteem

Positive Confrontation

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