Whatever aspect of yourself or your life that you choose to develop, there are a number of benefits you will experience from hiring a Coach and experiencing coaching.  Below are some more from the ones I describe on the page about coaching:

  • You’ll find yourself in the driver’s seat, having the power over and responsibility for your life.
  • By receiving clean, pure, sensory-based feedback you will see yourself as you are right now, enabling you to discover what you want to change about yourself, and from there the steps to take.
  • You’ll re-discover your known and your hidden potentials and ways to unleash them.
  • You can experience an expanded awareness and explore the corners of your mind, leading to greater understanding of yourself and how to run your own mind, to your advantage.
  • After deepening your learnings, you’ll look at finding ways to implement this knowledge in daily life.
  • You’ll notice your performance improve, and thereby your quality of life will be enhanced.
  • You’ll solve problems on your own and deal with them when they first appear.
  • By owning responsibility for your actions, you’ll be proactive in taking the initiative, in taking action.
  • You’ll be actively working on your strengths, your creativity, your passion, your self-discipline.
  • You’ll develop the power to self-coach, self-direct and self-motivate, and hence become independent of (and not dependant on) your Coach.

It all depends on what you choose.

Hear what clients have to say the benefits are in my Testimonials and also how they describe the experience and what they gained from coaching with me, Telana.

Contactable references available upon request.