Scared to put yourself in front of the Camera?  Yet you know you need to, because it’s part of your marketing strategy, or in today’s covid-19 world, part of doing business in  online meetings.

I used to hate seeing or hearing myself on camera, and also feared what other people would think about it.  They must be judging me on how I lack confidence, how I look, noticing that I was blushing and umming and arrring…

Well that’s all changed, and from these 4 main tips. Now I am so concerned with getting my message to those that can benefit from hearing it, that all my focus is on my message.  And from doing so many podcasts and video’s, I am used to how I sound on video and now I just use it as feedback to help me do better next time.

So here are some tips to help you get your message out there to help the people you are destined to server and support:

How to get in front of the camera:

  1. Don’t link your sense of worth to your camera appearance. You are a valuable person on or off the camera – you are just sharing that value through the means of a video – the video performance does not define you!
  2. Focus your attention on your message, not on your discomfort. You have something important to share with the people who you serve. And the more you focus on your people you can help and on your message to them, and the less you focus on yourself, the more comfortable you will become on camera.
  3. Imagine talking to one person – choose just one person you know or the person who represents your ideal client, and talk as if that person was standing behind the camera. This makes is easier to have a conversation, and your authentic concern will come through the lens and touch anyone who watches the video later.
  4. Confidence only comes from practice – So get in front of camera as much as possible. Practice, practice, practice! And don’t aim for perfection – it doesn’t exist. Just do your best, and put it out there, and then learn and do your best again next time.  Get in front of the camera as much as possible, and watch how your confidence will grow!