Natasha: “Thanks Telana, really appreciate your classes. I have my first interview next week in over three years and two of those being unemployed scared me so much but the little bit of the class I attended today really inspired me to be courageous and take next week Thursday interview as an opportunity no matter the outcome :) thank you for helping us all to realise our potential.
Have a wonderful weekend”

Telana: “Thanks and see you in Bravery School tomorrow night! PS how did your interview go last Thursday? :)”

Natasha: “Hi T :) thank you very much looking forward to this session. I think it went well, was good to be courageous and just give it my all :) hoping that I will receive good news this week, have a wonderful day”

Telana: “Good to hear and high five to you for being courageous. Enjoy your day too”

–  Natasha, September 2021 about Bravery School