5 Day Free Challenge with live training!

For professionals who want to be bravely intentional about what they achieve in 2023

Starts 9th January 2023 online!

  • Would you like to be more intentional this coming year?
  • Is there a goal that scares you, but that you really want to achieve, if you just had the courage to try?
  • Is it time to grow your courage and go after that one thing that you know you really need to do or be that will improve your life?

Then join me, Telana for this free 5 day Challenge to set a well-formed courageous goal for 2023! Over the 5 days I will coach you through a process to set one goal for the new year, that will activate your courage and make the biggest, most positive and life changing difference to your life, relationships or career. Join me for this fun journey, and enjoy:

  • 5 live training sessions.
  • Action workbook.
  • Community of like-minded courage-seekers for accountability, support and enCOURAGEment – in the Courage Circle Facebook group (or the Private WhatsApp group for VIP’s).
  • Pop-up Coaching sessions with me, within these community groups.

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This challenge is for you if…

  • Fear and anxiety hold you back from taking any action towards what you know you need to do to improve your life and career.
  • You’re tired of fearing that you might fail so you don’t take any risks.
  • You want to try new things this year, but are not sure where to start.
  • You want to develop your courage muscle, so that you can speak up, show up and
  • You want to approach risks with courage, and go for the opportunities you want to go for.
  • It’s time that you learn to manage your fear and become tougher and intentional in your growth and personal development.
  • You want to learn how to set a well formed goal.

If any of these points resonate, then great!  This fun challenge is for you!  

How It Works

Every day for 5 days, we’ll meet live in the Courage Circle Facebook Group (and on Zoom for VIP’s) at 19h00 SAST.  I’ll share a quick training (20 to 30 minutes long), and then take questions.

We will be going through the process of setting our well-formed and intentional courageous goal for the year, with a little bit of homework each day, so you can personalise and incorporate the learnings into your lives.

For the VIP’s there will also be a WhatsApp group.  In both groups, I’ll be popping in to coach you through each day’s homework, and help with questions and encouragement to keep on track.  Plus you’ll be supported by your fellow courage-seekers.

Introducing your Challenge Coach: Telana Simpson

I’m Telana, and I’ve learnt the power of setting our intentions, and how to grow courage from my own experience of overcoming my fear of public speaking, of being seen, and of conflict. I have nearly 2 decades of experience coaching and teaching others to become more courageous in their conversations, personal lives, and careers.  And I look forward to taking you on this journey of courageous goal setting! Learn more about me here.

What You’ll Get

You will leave with:

  • a clearly defined goal,
  • knowledge about courage to help you grow this resource within you,
  • and an action plan to start achieving your goal in the following year.
  • Also a workbook.
  • And maybe a new friend or two!

What If I Can’t Attend The Live Trainings?

Attending live is encouraged, as it will help deepen your experience and keep you accountable to work through the process and get the result of a well-formed courageous goal for ’23.

If you can’t make the live session – no worries, there will be replays available in the Facebook Group. These replays will be available for just a few days after the challenge, so do try to make time during the Challenge Week to work on setting your goal for the year – it will be well worth it!



For more testimonials about my coaching and training: click here.

“Many thanks for the challenge Telana, I learned a great deal about myself and goal setting. I thought it was so much easier to set myself a goal and stick with it, no wonder I always failed in the past. I never considered having an accountability partner, it’s such a great motivator. 
Telana, I thought you were exceptional as a coach. You obviously love your subject too! You were warm and friendly and made me feel at home, yet direct and firm guiding the group from not wandering off the subject. You obviously have exceptional knowledge in your subject and have such an infectious way of sharing it.
I had a lovely 5 days learning from you and thank you deeply.”
– Colette Price, Bookkeeper, Participant in January 2022’s Courageous Goal Challenge

“I finally got to listen to the first day recording which I absolutely loved! I’m going to take my time to go through all the recorded sessions. I think it’s really awesome.  I know you and I did a lot of work a few years back which really transformed and helped me and I think it’s always nice to get a refresher and remembers some of the things I’ve forgotten. And deepen the neuro-pathways of my new beliefs because sometimes I do fall back into old easy patterns of behaviour. So I really am excited to be part of this programme and just apologies that I haven’t been able to join live. But thank you so much for making this available to us. I think it’s so valuable and from the first session I am really enjoying it, so thank you.” – Voice note from Shanel, Corporate Professional, April 2021 regarding one of Inner Coaching’s challenges

“Hi T, thank you! We are learning so much from you! So very interesting and very helpful.” – Sarah, Graphic Designer, September 2021

“I’ve learnt from this course that things don’t have to be perfect, they can be at their optimum. It has also made a lot of things easier. And it’s also gotten me started on projects that I’ve been putting off for the last couple of years, where I’m like ‘ok, this is what I want for my future, for my business’s future, this is what I need to start doing’ and … I’ve actually started looking at websites and trying to do product photography. And just looking at packaging and logos and everything, just to get it started, because in the long run that is where I want to be. And I can’t believe it actually took me so long and I’m actually irritated with myself that it did take me so long to get to this point where I realised that it is probably the best business option available.” – Monique, Business owner, December 2021

“Dear Telana, I hope you are well. …I would just like to thank you as always for reminding me of my self worth and that I am in control of how I feel and think about things. Thank you for giving me the chance to be courageous. I really do appreciate it. May your Bravery School be blessed as I have been through it. Regards, O.N.” – O.N. Professional, November, 2021

“I just wanted to say a big thank you for your passion and commitment. You really have a knack of explaining something that is really quite complex in a simple and straight forward manner. You have made such a positive impact on the way I see myself. Thank you. Have a safe and sane festive break and I look forward to more personal improvement next year.” – Adam R. Dec 2021

“Thank you. Thank you for creating and holding this space for my awareness and growth. I appreciate you!” – Shanel, Corporate Professional, November 2021

“Hi Telana. A huge shout out to you. I’ve been involved in a hectic campaign to get things produced and been involved, emotionally, physically and mentally involved with drawbacks at every corner, and honestly without your course I would have lost my shit a long time ago… And you may quote me on this, write it down, whatever you want, but this is the truth. Your course has helped me so much just with understanding, and also this Imposter Syndrome thing, which I never thought I was never really a part of. There’s been a particular part of this and having a look at it and understanding it better has made me a lot more aware of things, a lot more engaged with myself on a positive level, and a lot better. And I don’t know if it’s going to work out for me in terms of the business, but I tell you what, it certainly has been delivered and wouldn’t have been without your assistance. Thank you, thank you, thank you. You are a biscuit!” – Stuart, Business Owner, December 2021