Often we know what we need to be doing, and yet we battle to do the very things we know we need to do, which will lead to improvements in our communicating and relating.

In other areas, we’re not aware of our gaps or the things we could be doing or the specific things we need to stop doing, which will have the best results for the type of relating and connecting to others that we would like. We just don’t know what we don’t know.

What is Live Communication Coaching

Live Communication Coaching with Telana is a way to receive the constructive feedback you need as you go about your daily activities, to gain critical awareness and to get real-time, useful information about the changes that are needed. You’re then able to make the necessary adjustments on the spot, and see the impact immediately.

This assists to close your knowing-doing gap, and to fine tune your communicating and relating skills making the changes more real and lasting.

During Live Communication Coaching Telana shadows you for a period of time, offering observational and reflective coaching. This is high quality feedback sessions, and fast, short bursts of breakthrough coaching to apply learnings from the feedback and adjust your behaviour as you go about your day.

When is Live Communication Coaching most useful?

This fast paced and real time coaching is most useful for when you:

  • Are not sure of why you repeatedly don’t get the response from colleagues that you hoped for, and want to focus on what’s within your control in terms of your communication to change this
  • Want to develop more of a relationship-focused style of leading, rather than a task-focused one (which is often at the detriment of relationship building)
  • Get feedback that you are not approachable and yet you thought you were
  • Want to improve your presentation skills, and are not sure what areas need development
  • Need to develop the softer skills, but are not sure how to or don’t have the time to attend courses or read lots of books
  • Have communication challenges and are not sure where to start to deal with them
  • Avoid conflict and confrontation, and want to manage this better
  • Struggle to get your message across
  • Find your performance is different with certain people or situations and not others, and need to make it consistently great in all situations
  • Battle with understanding team dynamics and how to lead teams more effectively
  • Need to inspire people and seem to have the opposite effect
  • Are in a comfort zone, cruising along and are ready for a personal challenge to redefine yourself or take a leap forward in growth and capacity
  • Have attended trainings on how to improve communication and relationship skills, even networking skills, and now want help to apply these in your actual life and work

What you will get from a Live Communication Coaching session?

The benefits of having Telana shadow you in this way include:

  • Getting feedback that is not someone’s opinion, but rather pure sensory specific information that will give you more awareness
  • Having more choice about how to adjust or fine tune the way you communicate
  • Self awareness enhancing skills and self coaching skills
  • Real time learning
  • A fresh and experienced perspective to help you identify old habits or assumptions around communication and problematic dynamics or ways of relating that hinder your effectiveness
  • Less scheduling hassles, as Telana partners with you in real time in your environment
  • So no extra travel or time away from work
  • Reinforcing your strengths to focus more on what is working well with how you communicate and relate to others

The results can include:

  • Improvement in how you communicate your messages
  • Better people skills
  • More self control to create new habits, rather than old reactive behaviours
  • Understanding of others that will help you influence them positively
  • Fast change that “sticks”
  • Gaps being bridged from where you were to where you want to be
  • A mindfulness of how your communication impacts your relationships, and thus effectiveness

Feedback Session with your coach has very personalised learnings

Where does Live Communication Coaching take place?

Telana comes to you, in your environment, to do the Live Communication Coaching. Your colleagues will be informed as necessary so everyone knows what to expect, and there is no interruption to your day to day activities. Feedback and Live Coaching takes place in moments between your work when needed, or at the specific daily feedback sessions.

How it works?

After an interview and Readiness Session with Telana, your coaching package is tailored to your specific communication development needs and usually consists of one-on-one private coaching sessions, live coaching sessions and training as needed.

Who is Live Communication Coaching for?

Live Communication Coaching with Telana is for those who want personal and individualised attention to improve their communication and relating skills.

Here are some areas where this style of Coaching is most applicable:

For work outcomes:

  • When doing a presentation
  • When giving key note talks
  • When running meetings
  • When leading teams
  • When networking at events
  • When giving performance appraisals
  • When handling interviews

At home, to improve communication and personal relations with:

  • Your life partner
  • Your parents
  • Your mother-in-law and/or father-in-law
  • Your children


  • When dating
  • To overcome shyness or awkwardness in meeting people
  • To improve casual conversation skills

Next Step:

[DOWNLOAD] PDF – Case Statement for Executive Live Communication Coaching here.

To explore if a Live Communication Coaching package would suit your needs, and if Telana would be the right coach for you, get in touch to book a Readiness and Interview Session.