The skills to handle Conflict and Confrontation to improve Relationships

Course Overview:

Confrontation can be positive.

  • Do you find confronting someone difficult?
  • And do you often say: “I hate conflict!”?Conflict in Office can be handled effectively by learning some skills
  • Do you avoid conflict as much as possible… and put off confronting even when you know you really need to?
  • And so you put if off until it really has to be faced and by this time is such a big deal that it’s a horrible, emotional mess?
  • And then you don’t always get to resolve the issue or your needs don’t get met, and the relationship either ends or things just get swept under the carpet to only surface again later…. Something often seems to die in the relationship, rather than it moving forward and getting stronger.

Well it doesn’t have to be like that.

There is an art to positive confrontation and the skills can be learnt and developed.   I learnt them and am now teaching them and coaching others to develop their ability to confront others positively and handle conflict in a useful, productive and conscious way.

Conflict is (unfortunately) a part of life and relationships.  As long as you engage with other people in your work life, family life and with friends, you will be faced with differences and the need to set and respect boundaries.

So imagine knowing how to set up a confrontation, so that the person is open to hear you out, and you are able to get your point across and be heard, while understanding them more too.

Imagine knowing how to resolve the conflict so that both parties come out happy with the outcome and the relationship is better off and stronger from the exchange.

You will learn

In this 4 hour course (with the foundation from the pre-requisite modules), you will learn:

  • Difficult conversation | Inner Coaching | imageHow to look at confrontation as a useful process, and not one to fear and hate
  • How to prepare for confrontation
  • When to confront
  • How to help the other party be open to the difficult discussion
  • How to sharpen your listening skills
  • How to invite collaboration to find a solution and then to negotiate that solution
  • How to hold the person accountable and follow up if necessary
  • What not to do when dealing with conflict
  • How to troubleshoot when the process seems to go wrong or off track

Please note (really important stuff): 

This course is for people who are ready to learn to confront their fears of confrontation, in a safe and supportive environment.  It is for those who want to improve their personal and business relationships, as they’ve had enough of finding this unavoidable (and yet essential) part of relating so difficult.   They want to learn the skills and believe that it is possible to do confrontation in a positive way.

This course is NOT for people who want to avoid other people and stay clear away from facing the truth and being real.

Length of Course

This Course is my advanced communication skills course, and needs the foundation skills learnt in the prerequisite courses of:

Contact me to discuss how to meet the pre-requisites, and for dates for 2016 (or to be run privately in-house.)

This Positive Confrontation Course is then a 4 hour course that covers the specifics related to conflict and confrontation, pulling together all the skills learnt in the pre-requisites.


This is a live and interactive workshop covering this Positive Confrontation Model.  Practical elements are incorporated so you can start preparing for a confrontation you need to have in the near future.  The manual is a great resource that you will refer to many times in preparing for any future confrontation you might need to have. The secure venue is convenient to get to and sets the scene for a relaxed and productive session.

About the Instructor

Telana Confidence Trainer | Inner Coaching | imageI’m Telana Simpson and as a coach I specialise in communicating and relating.  Conflict was an area that I avoided so much that I went over and above to keep others happy to the detriment of my own needs and eventually my health.  I changed that all by learning the skills of positive confrontation, such that I now know how to deal with conflict and value its vital role in healthy relationships.  My background includes BSc (Hons) in Psychology degree, Coaching and Training qualifications specialising in NLP and Neuro-Semantics, and a keen understanding of the dynamics of effective communication and confrontation, and how it relates to our physical health and well-being.

Read more about Telana here.

Registration Fees (in South African Rands)

R5600 for the pre-requisites and this 4 hour advanced course.

NOTE: This programme is offered privately for one-on-one tuition, for individuals who prefer a more focused approach with personal attention, and / or who can’t wait for the public group course dates. Contact Telana for rates and dates.

Class Guarantee and Cancellation Policy:

Cancellation Policy:
I accept written cancellation by no later than 14 working days prior to commencement of training. In the event of refunds, a 20% administration fee will be forfeited.

I reserve the right to change training dates and or presenter should circumstances arise that are outside of my control.

This training is fully guaranteed. If by the end of the first hour you are not fully satisfied with the conflict and confrontation skills training, just hand in your manual and I’ll issue you a full refund. This is how confident I am that you will find value in the trainings  I offer at Inner Coaching.

Privacy Policy

How to Register

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What students say about my courses:

Positively handling conflict | Inner Coaching | image

“I really enjoyed the course and found that it was extremely well presented. Telana was great and really made an impact. The course content was also strongly backed up by theory as well as videos which made it a fun learning experience. Now, I only need to practice what I have learnt!”
– Anonymous

“The course was like adding new value and knowledge to my life. Good practice time to use all information in your environment. The course was to some extend an eye-opener – how I saw and experienced people around me. Using my new skills and knowledge opens a new insight for me. Telana’s knowledge in communication is profound and it was an enjoyable attending her communication course.”
-Ulrike Schottler. Owner and Career Coach, Ulrike Schottler Business and Life Coaching cc

“The logic behind the frameworks has been enlightening. Understanding how my reactions effect others was something listed as an outcome, however understanding how not to take on something that I do not want to was empowering.”
-Carol, Self Employed

“It’s empowering to notice and understand the power of one’s background and patterning. The openness and passion in Telana’s actions and presentation is good for me to pay more attention”
– Dan Puente

More testimonials here.


Images courtesy of Ambro & David Castillo Dominici