Blocks to finding love

By |Feb 7th, 2013|Articles|

One of our basic needs is to relate to people, to connect to others. We know we can experience so much through a meaningful and successful intimate relationship, yet we often find it to be one of the most challenging of relationships to have. What are the blocks to finding love? What are some of the blocks holding you back from being ready for a relationship? Can they be overcome? Could there even be building blocks to starting the kind of romantic relationship you dream of? In this talk, Relationship Coaches Telana Simpson and Jody Martins will share the most common blocks that hold you back from starting relationships. They will also share the building blocks to put into place, which will get you ready to find love. […]

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Divorced and Back

By |Aug 31st, 2012|Articles|

How to get past the hurt and disappointment into a new relationship. By Jody Martins And so it happened… I can remember walking into the house one evening and as I entered she stood across the room saying “We must talk…” […]

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