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How to not be selfish

By |Jul 11th, 2014|Articles|

Written by Telana Simpson “I’m so tired – I never seem to have time for myself…” “Where is your time going then?” “I spend a lot of time helping other people. They keep asking me to help them or to do things for them, or do what they want to do, and I find it difficult to say ‘No’ ” “What about saying ‘No’ is so difficult for you?” “I’m concerned about what they will think about me if I say ‘No’ or ask to do something I need to do.” “And what do you believe they will think about you if you say ‘No’ or ask for what you need?” “They’ll think I’m selfish and don’t care about them…”   Often a fear of appearing selfish to others causes us to give so much of ourselves that we end up not being in a position to give any more, […]

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The Power of saying NO!

By |May 21st, 2014|Articles|

Written by Telana Simpson How do you feel about the word “no”? It’s just a two lettered word. However it has a lot of power in it – such power that its use has often been tabooed. How frequently do we say “yes” to a request of our time and/or resources, when we really wanted or needed to say “no”? And we said “yes” rather than “no” because we didn’t want to hurt that persons feelings, or we think it’s rude to say no, or its shows that we don’t care if we say no etc. There are a myriad of beliefs behind why so many people don’t have permission to say no. […]

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