Ten Virtues of Outstanding Leaders

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Written by Telana Simpson “Although ambition is a part of leadership, it should be about doing a good job for others and not for a career move” exclaimed Al Gini, professor and author on business ethics and leadership. Gini was speaking at GIBS on his tour of South Africa and was addressing a packed auditorium. “Our ambition should be to be a good leader and not to be called a leader” he continued. Gini is all about the style of leadership known as Servant Leadership and was speaking about his book ‘Ten Virtues of Outstanding Leaders: Leadership and Character’ that he co-authored with Ronald Green. Leadership is a nominalization, and as such is not a thing that you can physically touch and see. It is a process, and involves a set of behaviours and character traits that result in actions with a specific outcome. […]

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Learning to Trust from Climbing Rocks

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Written by Telana Simpson In my journey of the last few years, one of the words that came up often, and that continues to come up, is the word ‘Trust’. “You need to trust yourself more”. “Trust that your body will heal itself”. “The more you trust this healing process, the more effective it will be”. “Trust that what you need will be provided, in the right way and at the right time”. “Trust your abilities”. […]

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