Why should we pay attention to GMO’s? : Ep 118

Aerial view of fields of crops

The GMO industry is complex and dynamic, and some of the latest developments will have a significant impact on us, and future generations.

Zakiyya Ismail, Consumer Campaigner, for the African Centre for Biosafety, joins Telana Simpson to shed some light on what is meant by GMO, and what is happening in the industry today that we should be paying attention to.

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Zakiyya Ismail

Zakiyya Ismail talks about GMO's

Zakiyya Ismail is the consumer campaigner at the ACB, working to create increased awareness amongst consumers about the presence of GM ingredients in their foods and problems associated with that.

African Centre for Biosafety

The African Centre for Biosafety (ACB) carries out research, analysis and advocacy work, sharing information and engaging in dialogue to foster and promote informed engagement with policies and decision-making impacting on the production, distribution and access to food and resources. The ACB’s work is centred on dismantling structural inequities in food and agriculture systems in Africa and directed towards the attainment of food sovereignty.


More info: www.acbio.org.za

Contact Information:  zi at acbio dot org dot za





2 responses to “Why should we pay attention to GMO’s? : Ep 118”

  1. Dion says:

    Hi Telana
    Great topic, very apt for Zambia. As a potential bread basket for Africa should Zambia stay non GMO at all costs? How important is this and I wonder if it will give Zambia a unique position with added value or hold it back and lose against the GMO mega producers?

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