What’s possible when we fight for our freedom? With Gareth Pickering

Finding purpose and freedom leads to happiness


Gareth believes that freedom comes from more meaning, and finding your purpose.  And that this freedom is worth fighting for.

He shares his story of moving from the world of advertising, experiencing an earthquake, and travelling and lifestyle changes, that led him to finding his freedom.  

He explains to Telana why it’s important to experience your own journey towards your own definition of freedom, and unpacks some steps to help you on your way.






About Gareth Pickering:

The Freedom FighterGareth is a full-time traveller and digital nomad. Founder of TheFreedomFighter.net, rookie photographer and lover of good coffee. He believes Russel Brand has the best credentials to be the next US president.

Contact and Info:

Email: sorted at TheFreedomFighter dot net
Website: TheFreedomFighter.net
Facebook: thefreedomfighter2015
Twitter: @garethpickering
Instagram: garethpickering

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