How we can Feed the Hungry & become Food Secure, with Glenn Ashton : Ep 126

How can we feed the hungry?Today’s technological agricultural solutions are part of the reason that we – and especially in South Africa where we have failed to develop anything like a food security policy – still have such serious food insecurity issues. In light of these matters, GMO’s (Genetically Modified Organisms) remain part of the problem and not the solution to world hunger.

Telana talks with Glenn Ashton, environmental and scientific writer, researcher and consultant, about how our agricultural model today is broken, resulting in billions of people going hungry every day, while tons of food is wasted. They touch on the exciting yet challenging opportunities we have to develop a new food system.

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About Glenn Ashton:

Researcher on Food SecurityGlenn Ashton is an environmental and scientific writer, researcher and consultant with a long-standing interest in the field of food security and genetics. With a background in geography he applies a multi-disciplinary approach in order to provide an accessible and relevant perspective.

He has been actively involved in the broader debate around genetically engineered crops and biosafety since the mid-1990s. He was a founding member of SAFeAGE, the SA Freeze Alliance on Genetic Engineering and consequently takes a precautionary approach on the application of GM technology. He believes there are far more relevant responses to feeding the world and that GM technology in its present guise worsens the gulf between rich and poor, rather than providing meaningful solutions to food security.

Glenn is an active participant in the international social justice movement and works at all levels of governance, from the local to the international. He has been widely published locally and internationally. He holds a Masters in Environmental Management and is presently reading toward his Ph.D, examining questions related to food security.

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