How to inspire communities to change, with Sihle Tshabalala – Ep 136

coding and startups educationSihle Tshabalala had to consciously decide to do things differently to have a different life, and he made this decision while in prison.  

Today, he is an inspiration to many in his community and country, and has ideas he is putting into action that are challenging the status quo.  

He shares with Telana his story, the impact Brothers for All is having, and some different ways of tackling social issues that are having a positive and significant influence in his community.




About Sihle Tshabalala

Co-founder of Brothers for AllSihle Tshabalala is an ex-offender, and is now the Co-founder and National Coordinator of Brothers for All .

During his time in prison, he became a key member of the Group of Hope programme, where he decided to spend his life helping others avoid the mistakes he had made.

Since leaving prison, he co-founded Brothers for All, taught himself how to code and has become a key voice in his community.

He has presented at the Durban AIDS conference, spoken widely on TV and radio and was awarded LeadSA’s Hero of the month.

Contact and Info

Sihle’s details were updated July 2020:
Email: sihle at
Twitter: @sihletshaba
Telephone: +27 743753767


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One response to “How to inspire communities to change, with Sihle Tshabalala – Ep 136”

  1. Patricia Motshegoa says:

    I’m so motivated by Sihle Chabalala’s organization, being a Pastor in rural area of Mathibestad outside Pretoria. I really would like to know more about how I can add more value in our community by your assistance in introducing ICT.

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