Healing in today’s world, with Dr Helen Didcott

Balance and healing

What are our choices available when it comes to healing, in today’s world?

Dr Helen Didcott shares her views on healing, homeopathy and allopathic medicine, and defines disease and illness and health, from the homeopathic point of view.  She also explores with Telana where she sees medicine and healing going in the future.

She explains how homeopathy works and shares her tips for healthy living and why taichi is such an important practice to her.




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About Dr Helen Didcott:

M:Tech Homeopathy (Wits)
Reg no A1274 Pr No. 0807346

I grew up in Johannesburg and after school was very torn as to whether to follow an artistic or medical route. I took a couple of gap years and worked in fashion and travelled. I was going to study medicine but after many ward rounds with my surgeon father, I realised a pure clinical approach to healing people was not where I wanted to work. I wanted to work with an empathic understanding of the inner being.

I began the Homeopathic course where the first 4 years were purely medical based and then we studied homeopathy and finally a 6th year of internship while I completed my thesis on depression over 2 years. I also completed a 3 year part time course in homeopathy for doctors run by 2 wonderful homeopaths. I later lectured in this course. I have been in practise for 19 years. I attend many seminars from great homeopaths from around the world and have been twice to Greece and to Mumbai on courses. All these keep the ongoing learning and inspiration alive.

I am a classical homeopath who tries to treat each person as an individual and understand the unique patterns that run through that individual: physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually so that a remedy prescription can try to restore balance and allow each individual to be on their own personal chosen journey.

I run a busy full practise and have 2 children so I am kept very occupied. I try to be an involved and conscious mother to my beautiful children as nothing has taught me more about pure love and myself and kept me so focussed on Homoeopathy and my spiritual life as my children. I have a wonderful wise husband who supports and encourages my passion for my work and life. When I am not with them, I am devoted to my work and my own deepening awareness. I try to keep myself balanced through my Tai Chi which I have practised for 20 years. I find solace through a jog under the trees, I try to meditate frequently and read spiritually enlightening material. I hope to be growing and learning, always.

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Telephone: +27114864218

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