How Tai Chi can be useful in Business and Life with Leo Ming – Ep 122

Taiji i a park in China

Tai Chi is not only a slow form of martial arts, it is also an art of inner peace.  The sequence of movements making up the forms are a body, mind and spiritual meditative practice which has many benefits.  The principles experienced when practicing Taiji Chuan have significant applications in the business world and for leaders.

Telana talks with Sifu Leo Ming about the body, mind and spiritual benefits of tai chi and how 20 minutes of this holistic practice a day can improve workplace productivity.

About Leo Ming

Leo Ming teaches tai chi in JohannesburgLeo Ming is a dedicated exponent of the martial arts.

Since the early age of 6, he was taught taiji and karate by his father and uncle. At 13 he officially joined a dojo and has continued training ever since. 40 years on and he is even more passionate than ever.

Having an IT software programming background, Leo now instructs professionally and has done so for over 20 years, he currently teaches both kids and adults in Johannesburg.

His decades of experience in the martial arts and unique methods of teaching attracts people from all walks of life: psychologists, graphic artists, investors, lawyers, businessmen and professional sportsmen and women who need to utilize peak performance on and off the sports arena.

Leo teaches Yang style taiji and Ryu Kyu Kobujutsu.

He has trained with internationally renowned masters, including:

Leo is also a shiatsu therapist. His clients include sportsmen and women from different parts of South Africa.

He has also instructed ETV’s actors and actresses for a tai chi scene in the soapie “Scandal” and various TV commercials.  Leo has also choreographed fight scenes for movie and dance companies like “Moving into Dance”.

Some well known brands that he has worked with are JD group, ITEC, Roche, Rentokil and WITS Institute.

In Johannesburg, South Africa he gives group classes at Grayston Prep. North road in Sandton, and also at Parktown Girls High in Parkview.

He gives private tuition as well.

Contact and Info

Leo can be contacted on 083 378 0468  or email on: leoming at telkomsa dot net

For more info about the Ming Martial Arts Academy in Johannesburg:




5 responses to “How Tai Chi can be useful in Business and Life with Leo Ming – Ep 122”

  1. Natalie bell says:

    Thoroughly enjoyed listening to Leo’s insights … It has inspired my spiritual capacity … Nicely crafted Telana .. Well done

  2. Michael says:

    Nice work, Leo!

    Just want to point out that the buttons for social media that appear on the left interfere with reading the text. Probably easy to fix!

    May you go from strength to strength!


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