Surviving getting shot in the Amazon, with Davey Du Plessis : Rebroadcast Episode 100

rainforestDavey Du Plessis attempted a solo journey of the Amazon River, to encourage a “take action” approach towards environmental issues.

Two months into the journey he was ambushed, shot and left for dead.

What’s possible after this incredible story of survival?

Davey shares his experience of how he survived, and his take on the dark side of humanity versus the overwhelming compassion of mankind.

[This is a rebroadcast of the episode 100 from August 2013]




About Davey Du Plessis:



Davey du Plessis is a passionate adventurer and public speaker, driven by his quest to make a positive difference in the world through working with individuals and groups on all levels, while inspiring others to explore their unique gifts and potential.

Davey utilises adventure as a source of experience to further learn and understand the nature of humanity, as well as an avenue for experience that demonstrates the unlimited potential of the human spirit.

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Twitter: @daveyduplessis

About Mongezi Mtati (Co-Host)

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Website: Wordstart
Twitter: @mongezi
Cell: +27837573163
Email: mo at wordstart dot co dot za

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