Green Mobility and life on an electric bicycle, with Vincent Truter: Ep 121

Vincent Truter and the electric bicycle

If you are interested in the slow ride, the unexpected journey, the freedom to exhale, a real-time way of connecting people, places and passions, then you’re going to enjoy Vincent Trutter’s philosophy and business called Cycology, which is inspired by the electric bicycle.

What an electric bicycle looks likeTelana talks with Vincent about

Join Telana and Vincent as they expand your horizons, and arrive somewhere new.




About Vincent Truter

Vincent TruterVincent Truter is a Cycologyst.  From brand strategy to creative direction, Truter is a cross disciplinary creative mind with a passion for sustainability and a penchant for subversion.  Truter holds multiple masters degrees obtained across the world – from Sweden to Japan. Building on his awarded career in the creative and branding industries Vincent is now taking a two-weeled journey with his electric bicycle and green mobility company called Cycology.

He is a gifted public speaker and facilitator that is passionate about making profit and purpose meet. Join him as he takes you on a two-wheeled journey that connects people, places and passions that make green mobility a reality for South Africans.

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