How to empower children against child sexual abuse : Episode 133

Empowered childrenRod and Kate Power have created a useful tool for parents to help empower their children, in the form of a book called “My Underpants Rule”.  It makes having the tricky conversations around protecting your “private parts” easier to have, with a focus on empowerment, without having to explain sexual abuse.

To prevent sexual assault and child abuse, Rod and Kate’s vision is to empower children to break the secrecy around the abuse, and give them tools to know when to speak up and what actions to take.  This is a must have for all parents, to make parenting to create empowered adults engaging and easy.




Empowering Children through his bookAbout Rod Power

Rod’s skills in leadership, education and training were honed in the corporate world, which most recently saw him running a multinational business. He has left that behind to focus on making the world safer for children. His expertise in effective learning and talent for ridiculous rhyme bring My Underpants RULE! to life.

Children empowermentAbout Kate Power

Kate is a mother of three young children. She was a Police Officer from 1992 to 2011, where she saw some of the worst sides of life. By far the most disturbing were incidences involving harm to children. A magic illustrator, her experience coupled with studies in Criminology, Psychology and Teaching form the foundation for My Underpants RULE!



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Twitter: @underpantsrule


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