To be authentic and real, to be open and tell the truth, to ask for help, even say no and speak up for ourselves, and be able to confront (and handle being confronted) when needed, are conversations that many of us find challenging and difficult. We need to be brave enough to take risks and trust enough to feel vulnerable, in order to achieve greater clarity and honesty.

And it’s this authenticity and courage that makes us shine.

These real conversations are the ones that move things forward and it is through relationship that we learn about ourselves – what we are capable of, where we fall short and hide our light, and where we shine. Also, it is working with and through others that we get to contribute to the world.

It doesn’t have to be so hard to have these conversations that count. Or to find direction in your life and your exciting way of shining and contributing your light to the world.

What if you could have someone help you work it all out? To help you shine?


Are you brave enough to shine?

This is where we will start our learning journey. We’ll focus on you and developing your inner strength and courage, and kindle the flames of your inner light. We’ll focus on developing a strong foundation for a life you will love.

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Are you having the conversations that count?

Our next step is to add on modules that focus on moving from inside to outside: looking at your relationships with others.  Our learning journey covers communication skills, and your authentic presence – how, from the brave foundation we’ve set, you engage with others and shine in groups.

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Are you making a difference in your world? How are you sharing your light with the world?

Focusing in your contribution to work, home and the world, our further learning journey modules take us into how you shine as a leader, doing meaningful work, relating in a more conscious way and living intentionally with direction and purpose.

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A dynamic transformational
Courage Coach

Telana works with people who want to grow, and who want to improve their communication skills and ability to express themselves verbally, creatively, emotionally and physically. She works with talented professionals who feel stuck and held back.

Partnering with Telana as your coach will help you develop yourself to come out of your shell and the shadows. Her learning journeys are known to be fun, while getting exciting & sustainable results. Her individualised growth tools and techniques promises to help you shine and live the life you love.

Telana works with people who:

  • Are tired of being self conscious
  • Are ready to start speaking up more but don’t know how to
  • Want to overcome their fear of failure
  • Are ready to stop fearing confrontation
  • Have something to say or do in the world, and want to get over whatever is holding them back from expressing it
  • Want to build sustainable businesses in the world
  • Desire to create and live a life they’ll love
  • Choose to start shining
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Coaching and Training to find authentic and courageous ways of communicating and relating.

Telana offers the following online via Zoom:

  • Coaching programmes to develop holistically, spiritually, relationally, intentionally, and personally, specialising in communication challenges, starting new things (like entrepreneurial pursuits) and expressing our shine-ability.
  • Learning journeys with training to understand our self and the complexity of communication with the aim to master your communication, relationship and influencing abilities
  • Focused and Highly Tailored sessions like Breakthrough Sessions or Live Coaching
  • Masterclasses on topics like “The Confidence Mindset”, “Beat the Imposter Syndrome”; “Bravery Mindset” and “Moving from Opponent to Champion”.
  • Bravery School – NEXT INTAKE is June 2024 with membership levels to suit your budget and preference for training, to learn to live, work and communicate courageously this year.
    Bravery School

Sessions are online over Zoom, and can be in person in Sandton, Johannesburg.

Start here with a Ready to Shine Session to explore which option suits your needs.

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