Ntombi’s Testimonial

By |May 18th, 2022|Testimonials|

"I saw the post from someone on twitter about the challenge and Its something I needed . I [...]

Colette’s Testimonial

By |Apr 23rd, 2022|Testimonials|

“Many thanks for the challenge Telana, I learned a great deal about myself and goal setting. I thought [...]

Stuart Dilworth’s testimonial

By |Apr 23rd, 2022|Testimonials|

“Telana is a gifted trainer who imparts her knowledge in a casual, friendly, and personal manner in the [...]

Shanel’s Testimonial about Bravery School

By |Apr 23rd, 2022|Testimonials|

WhatsApp messages from Shanel, Corporate Professional, about Bravery School Membership: "Thank you for creating and holding this space [...]

Shanel’s Testimonial

By |Apr 23rd, 2022|Testimonials|

“Hey Telana….I finally got to listen to the first day recording which I absolutely loved! I know you [...]

Maketi’s Testimonial

By |Apr 21st, 2022|Testimonials|

"I personally learned a lot and was very much encouraged to see that I am not alone. Different [...]

Koketso’s Testimonial

By |Apr 21st, 2022|Testimonials|

"One thing I loved the most about Telana was her selflessness and going above and beyond for us. [...]

Marie’s thoughts

By |Mar 23rd, 2022|Testimonials|

Marie shared on Facebook the value she got from the interview on 702, where Telana shared about how [...]

Sevarian’s Testimonial

By |Jan 4th, 2022|Testimonials|

“Bravery School has impacted my life in a very positive way and I can highly recommend these sessions [...]

Stuart’s voicenote Testimonial

By |Jan 4th, 2022|Testimonials|

“Hi Telana. A huge shout out to you. I’ve been involved in a hectic campaign to get things [...]

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