[be brave] + [be real] + [be true] = [be you]

Inner Coaching is the space where inner potential is expressed.  And where I, Telana,  am inspired to change lives for good.

Inspired, in that I live my life intentionally, and am motivated from within to have the impact I do, and I inspire others to follow.

Change and growth, in that I believe it is through positive transformation that new and wonderful things start happening.  Progress, and evolving to experience new levels of performance, allows us to remove any obstacles and unleash more of ourselves- to shine. We then have that ripple effect in impacting others and larger communities.

For good, in that my intention is to ignite the wonderful in people, to unlock their greatness, for them to shine and have a positive impact, and that this impact is light, sustainable and ecological for the people involved, their communities or businesses, and the larger world in general.

With the self actualising psychologies, social neurosciences, and spiritual philosophies as the key underpinnings to the way I work, I am able to bring you the inspiration to energise the effort needed, to create the transformational and sustainable results you are looking for.

Why choose Inner Coaching?

I am a facilitator of growth. I’m also known as a Change Agent, sometimes I’ve even been called a Catalyst.  I  specialise in some areas and topics in order to give you the most value.

I play the roles of Co-creator with my clients, of Challenger and Cheer leader, of Dreamer and Realist, of Soundboard and Holder of Space.  I coach, teach, give talks, and facilitate master mind groups. I inspire, and hold my clients accountable and practice what I preach.

I will believe in you when you need it most. I will push you when you are lazy and procrastinating. I will challenge your limited thinking and fears.  I will hold you accountable to what you say you want and will do about it.   I will help you shine as only you can shine.

But don’t believe me – listen to what others have said.

Professional Standards

I meet (and aim to exceed) required standards in delivering my services and adhere to the code of ethics developed by COMENSA – Coaches and Mentors of South Africa.  It is a national association leading the Coaching and Mentoring profession through research, ethics and best practice.   I am also a current member of the ICF (International Coach Federation).

Inner Coaching’s BEE Status

Inner Coaching falls in the category of a Micro Enterprise, which is exempted from BEE requirements and receives an automatic Level 4 Recognition. This means that your spend with Inner Coaching will be considered for your procurement BEE Scorecard.

Privacy Policy

Inner Coaching’s Privacy Policy can be found here.