Case Study of our Live Coaching Programme

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M.R. is a Sales Manager for a large organization, and is a mother of three, studying for her MBA and driven to advance her career towards becoming COO. Yet she knew that she would need to grow in a few areas and develop her communication skills to achieve her ultimate goals. She experienced a fear of confrontation, and so steered away from asserting herself or speaking up, and found that others walked over her and she battled to get her team’s buy-in and get them on board to her sales strategy. […]

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The Law of Intuition

By |Nov 22nd, 2013|Articles|

Written by Telana Simpson Do you follow your own sense of knowing, or do you look outside to others for direction and affirmation? There’s a fine line between getting feedback and using it to develop ourselves constructively, and feeling at the mercy of what others think about us, such that we take things personally or can feel immobilised without someone telling us who we are or what to do. […]

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From people pleasing to self confidence

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Written by Telana Simpson Are you very aware of others and how they feel or might be experiencing an event? Do you crave feedback and especially encouragement from your boss or loved one? Do you feel compelled to people please, often at your own expense? Then you might be running an “others” style of referencing. If on the other hand you are a fairly independent person, who does a lot of autonomous thinking and prefers less supervision, you might be more self-orientated. You’ll notice that you find it easy to make decisions by yourself. And sometimes others will think that you are oblivious to the outside world as you tend to be ‘inside’ yourself quite often. […]

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Benefits of Coaching

By |Sep 4th, 2012|Articles|

Whatever aspect of yourself or your life that you choose to develop, there are a number of benefits you will experience from hiring a Coach and experiencing coaching.  Below are some more from the ones I describe on the page about coaching: You’ll find yourself in the driver’s seat, having the power over and responsibility for your life. […]

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The Truth about Yourself

By |Aug 31st, 2012|Articles|

How relationships teach us about us By Telana Simpson Relationships. We can’t live with them, or without them.  We are always in relationship- just how we define the type of relationship or categorise it, is what changes.  Single. Married. Friend. Colleague. Boss. Ex. Stranger… […]

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