How to know if you are ready to get started with coaching

Coaching is a very challenging and intense process, and is for people who are ready and serious about making changes in their lives. To work out if coaching is for you, you need to identify if now is the right time, if you really want and are ready for the transformational change coaching will bring, and if your coachability is high enough.

Booking a Readiness Session with me so I can help you work out if you are ready.

When would you hire a Coach?

    • How are you managing with keeping your work/life balance?
    • Are you achieving your goals?
    • Do you feel you have meaning and purpose in life?
    • Do you have the kind of relationships you want to have?
    • How is your health? And your career?
    • Are you as wealthy as you would like to be?
    • Are you living the lifestyle you dream of?
    •  Are you clear on what your values are?
    • How confident do you feel?

The answers to these questions will lead you to a Personal Coach to assist you with your Life and Work issues.

  • Are you leading your colleagues to the degree you are capable of, or desire?
  • How are your management skills?
  • Do you have a vision and mission for yourself, your business unit?
  • Are you being groomed for senior management and CEO roles?
  • Have you just started a new, challenging position?
  • Do you have balance between your work and personal life?
  • Would you find an external sounding board useful?
  • How are you at negotiating? And presenting your ideas?
  • Would you like to enhance your skills?
  • Or develop your career further?
  • Do you have a plan for your personal career development?
  • Or one for your staff’s development?

The answers to these questions show when you are ready to hire a Personal or Executive Coach.

Am I ready for Coaching?

You are ready for coaching if you have had enough of things not working as you want them to, and of not achieving your best. If you are willing to do whatever it takes to make the necessary changes, to ask yourself the hard questions, and take responsibility for your life, then you are ready for coaching. Read more here.

Is my Coachability high enough?

Coachability has to do with the ability to receive coaching and to use coaching for discovery, awareness, change and improvement. If a person’s coachability is not high enough, this prevents that person from being ready for and receptive to coaching. Instead they may need training, consulting, or therapy to prepare themselves for coaching.

Do you know if you are able to receive the coaching I offer, and have what it takes to derive the best from hiring me as your coach? Look at these Coachability factors here.

Next Step?

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