Coach-ability has to do with the ability to receive coaching and to use coaching for discovery, awareness, change and improvement.

If a person does not have high enough coach-ability, this prevents that person from being ready for and receptive to coaching. Instead they may need training, consulting, or therapy to prepare themselves for coaching.

Do you know if you are able to receive Coaching, and have what it takes to derive the best from hiring me as your Coach?

Coach-ability factors are:

1. Openness

  • open to change, learning and personal development
  • open to examining your own beliefs, understandings, decisions

2. Feedback openness

  • open for receiving feedback from your coach without taking it personally

3. Ego Strength

  • has sufficient strength of your sense of self for facing reality as it is
  • has sufficient power, determination, “roadability” to engage reality and to face the challenges of being coached

4. Committed to Growth

  • committed and invested in your own development
  • willing to change

5. Relationship readiness

  • ready and able to enter into a coaching relationship
  • willing to relate in an open and exposed way during the coaching process

6. Vulnerable

  • ready and able to disclose oneself and be real and truthful to another

7. A change embracer

  • passionate about making a change or transformation

8. Dreams and Goals

  • has goals, hopes, and dreams for oneself and ones career and life,
  • has a dream that s/he wants to work on during the coaching process

9. Patience

  • has the patience and persistence to stay with the coaching process
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