Path to a life lived large

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This is my wish for you, worded so powerfully and beautifully by Parker Palmer, in his 2015 Naropa [...]

5 Feel Good Video Clips about Humanity

By |Apr 24th, 2016|Articles|

Some days, the world’s problems seem too much. They weigh heavy on my shoulders, and the darkness feels palpable and unbearable. I’ve had those times too where the pain I’ve seen and heard about in my exploring of what’s possible, led me to breakdown in tears, feeling like I was closing down in a pit of despair. I’ve been fortunate though to have found a way to reached out, and come across a book, a poem, a glimpse of humanity at its finest, that helped me pull myself towards myself to crawl out the pit in the days that followed. […]

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People who inspire me

By |Aug 16th, 2015|Articles|

Sometimes life introduces us to amazing people, and their work or message touches us deeply. I experienced this with hearing of Karina Anderson’s work, and then interviewing her about the SmilingOne’s NPO initiative ‘The SmilingOne Foundation’ and the SmilingOne Change Agents. And then I had a conversation with one of those SmilingOne Change Agents, Franklin Esau, who turned his life around from one of crime, to a life of understanding and kindness, and a significantly positive contribution to society. Karina’s work is about inspiring personal value-based leadership, mainly in prisons. […]

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Never work again

By |May 17th, 2013|Articles|

Would you like to not work another day in your life? Then you need to answer the Big WHY Question: Why am I doing what I am doing? When we experience peak moments in life things flow for us.  We feel inspired and enthusiastic.  We love what we are doing when we are awake, and wish we didn’t need to sleep. Everything we do has meaning and gives us a sense of purpose, which unlocks so much energy to do more and make a difference. These peak experiences are more common for someone who is self actualizing. […]

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