“People always ask me how I became so courageous and confident.  I’ve developed a model that shows how I did it, and how you can too. ” – Telana

If you experience any of these:

  • Social anxiety, finding it difficult to talk to strangers and in groups
  • Worrying about your appearance
  • Overly concerned about what others think about you
  • Feeling judged by other people
  • Looking for the continual approval of others, and living by external opinions about yourself
  • An inner critic that puts you down, and speaks negatively all the time
  • Always being on the defensive, and taking things personally
  • Feeling apart from others, unable to join in
  • Hating having the spotlight on you

Then you may be holding yourself back with self consciousness.

It doesn’t have to be like that, and it’s easier than you think to grow to overcome this.

How to overcome self consciousness

Bursting the bubble of self consciousness

From your self-consciousness and the related states it puts you into, you feel stuck and nervous about what you think you need to do to change this.

And yet it is your current way of thinking and being that creates this problem, and which also cannot see the solutions.

Telana works with people who feel self conscious or socially anxious, especially to the point that it cripples their lives. She helps them to see a new way of thinking and being, that is the solution to overcoming self consciousness.

And her clients repeatedly grow into self confident and expressive individuals.

Some situations where self consciousness holds you back include:

  • You have very few friends, find social events intimidating and very awkward, and so have less chance of making new friends.
  • You struggle to talk to the opposite sex, so feel you will never have a girlfriend or boyfriend, let alone a life partner.
  • You know what needs to be done to excel at work, but it means you would have to present your ideas to your boss, or worse in front of a group, and that terrifies you, so you stay stuck in a dead-end position.
  • You tend to blush very easily, or get a rash on your neck, and fear the embarrassment and attention this brings to you, and so experience anxiety and sweatiness as you anticipate all the possible situations where the spotlight might be on you, and you could turn bright red.
  • You wear dull, lifeless clothes and keep quiet, reserved and stuck in your shyness, as this brings less attention to you, yet you long to break out your shell and be more expressive.

Telana, having overcome her own self consciousness, will help you with her safe, caring and gentle approach, to be easier on yourself and develop a rock solid self confidence and self esteem.

You’ll develop a self awareness that will set you up for success in life, not the self consciousness that currently holds you back.

This self awareness will allow you to more accurately read situations you find yourself in with other people, and give you the tools and resources you need to develop meaningful connections with others and relationships.

And it will all feel effortless, easy and natural. That’s a promise!

Book now for your private, one-on-one Readiness Session with Telana to find out more about how hiring her as your coach will help you grow and be able to share more of you,  for the better.

Or explore her online 1.5 hour video course “Overcome Self Consciousness.

Or buy her ebook “Consciously Shine”.

And it won’t be as stressful as you think it will be from inside your current self conscious bubble, and that’s a promise too!

After all, a few moments of uncomfortableness as you get to know Telana will be worth it, as you thereafter experience a life of joy and no regrets, as you turn your self consciousness into living consciously and confidently!


[DOWNLOAD] PDF of a Case Statement for Coaching for Self Conscious Professionals