• Do you hold back from sharing your ideas in meetings?
  • Do you feel like everyone is watching and judging you all the time?
  • Do you hate being in the spotlight – having all the attention put on you, especially in groups?
  • Do you get so nervous when you need to do a presentation, stressing for days leading up to it,
    and then blush and stumble on your words?
  • Do you suffer from being overly self conscious?

Are you ready to stop holding yourself back?

Are you prepared to speak up and get noticed?

Are you eager to start shining at work?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, this ebook is for you!

Learn how to Consciously Shine and speak up at work so that you become the star performer that you really are!

This ebook will help you to:

  • Develop a positive view of self consciousness to change it and not fear the spotlight
  • Develop mastery over your negative thinking styles
  • Increase your personal presence and power
  • Learn to change your state to a more confident one
  • Speak up and contribute more at work

What others have said about this ebook:

“Thanks for your ebook, it’s definitely helped me overcome my own self-consciousness, I can’t wait for the next e-book!” – Jade MacCallum, Events Organiser“

“This book- It’s brilliant. It has a great structure and it really helps when one reads about these concepts like filters, biases etc. for the first time. I found the content very helpful and relevant and something that I can and will use now to help me along my own path. I think I will need to keep a copy of your ebook on my phone so that I can constantly remind myself to practice the tips and exercises.” – Ralph, Computer Programmer

“Wow, Telana. Still reeling . Awesome ebook. I have some serious insight into myself. Maybe some uncomfortable, but need to know insights into myself, I just want to know more.” – Sarah Preston, Graphic Designer

“This e-book provides a useful starting point for anyone struggling with self consciousness. For those who feel like they are often under a spotlight or being judged by others, it’s a helpful resource in understanding the cognitive biases that may be at play, and how to begin to turn self consciousness into a more beneficial and positive self awareness.” – Tamara Oberholster

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