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Future Females Testimonial

By |Oct 29th, 2019|Testimonials|

"Telana ran a successful workshop for the Future Females community in April 2019. Her insights on mastering fear [...]

Saskia’s Testimonial

By |Mar 8th, 2015|Testimonials|

“I had an AHA moment in the session that I can separate my God-given value from my behaviour [...]

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Hannelie’s Testimonial

By |Mar 8th, 2015|Testimonials|

“What a relief to finally have the tools to take back control over my own life and happiness.  [...]

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Alex Fairbrass’ Testimonial

By |Dec 15th, 2014|Testimonials|

“I am skeptical by nature, when I heard of the course that Telana was offering I was somewhat [...]

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Testimonial from Stacey

By |Dec 15th, 2014|Testimonials|

"The session was a recipe for boosting my energy and power within. I enjoyed the group interaction and [...]

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Testimonial from Laura

By |Sep 25th, 2014|Testimonials|

"I would recommend the Dose of Self Confidence course because it really shifted my perspective. I didn't know [...]

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Stacey’s Testimonial

By |Sep 25th, 2014|Testimonials|

"A Dose of Self Confidence is a beneficial top-up to ones pursuit of wellness. No matter what age [...]

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Gordon’s Testimonial

By |Mar 11th, 2014|Testimonials|

"Informative and practical" - Gordon Dibete July 2013  Testimonial about our Mojo Power Session

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Nonkosi’s testimonial

By |Mar 7th, 2014|Testimonials|

“Difference between Self Confidence and Self Esteem were defined in a way that I have never imagined.  Nothing [...]

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Aalia’s testimonial about A Dose of Self Confidence

By |Mar 7th, 2014|Testimonials|

“My testimonial about the Dose of Self Confidence Power Session is:  It has given me the ability to [...]

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