Enhance and develop effective communication skills

We cannot not communicate. What you say or don’t say, communicates a message. How you listen, hold your body, your non-verbal expressions, the words you use, the tone of your voice, all helps or hinders in getting your message across, and ultimately building or destroying relationships.

Communication is a skill, and is a skill that you can learn and develop. It is an ability that we use at work and at home; with our staff, colleagues, customers and with our lovers, parents, children and friends. It is an integral part of relationships of all kinds, and relationships are a key aspect of our lives.

Communication Areas that I specialize in

  • Feedback and criticism
    Do you know how to give constructive criticism, and also take the criticism of others in a way that is useful to you?
  • Conflict, confrontation and arguments
    Do you take things personally? Do you hide from conflict or find that you are always starting arguments? Would you like to learn to confront positively?
  • Blushing and embarrassment
    Do you blush and go red in the face easily, and then shy away from contributing to the conversation? Do you just hate it when you are the focus of attention, and wish it would be different?
  • Being “over emotional”
    What is your level of emotional intelligence or EQ? Do you know what to do with other people’s emotions? How do you control your emotions? Do you battle to manage, let alone express, your anger?
  • Expressing yourself, getting your message across
    Do you battle to voice yourself? To put your thoughts into your own words so that you can articulate your ideas and emotions? Would you like to improve your ability to influence others, to persuade them and present with confidence and charisma to get your message across? How easily do you get along with people and slip into rapport with them? Do you listen to really hear what another is saying so  that you can tweak your answer to get your point of view across?

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Services to improve your Communication skills


  • Communication Excellence Personal Coaching Programme
    20 hours of private coaching face to face in Johannesburg or over Zoom with me, Telana Simpson, Communication Coach, to individualise your learnings and meet your specific communication development needs.

Communication Skills Training

I offer a four step pathway of training to develop and improve your ability to communicate and relate to people, to be heard and really hear another, and grow your relationships.

  • Step 1 – Self Communication

The starting point is to get things right with ourselves, before we start looking at how we relate to other people. This involves managing our emotions, knowing about self esteem and how we relate to others through our boundaries.  These are also the foundation to knowing how to relate to other people’s emotions, develop their self esteem and how healthy relationships work.

My recommendation is that you work through these three Power Session trainings in the suggested order below:

    • Get a shot of EQ
    • Then a dose of self confidence
    • Followed by a boost of Mojo
  • Step 2 – Communication Excellence – Fundamental Skills

After the pre-requisites of Step 1, we’re ready to learn about the complexities of communication and the skills we can develop to improve our communicating and relationship skills.  This one day course will cover rapport building, listening and supporting, questioning and feedback skills.

  • Step 3 – Communication Excellence – Advanced Skills

In this one day training we pull together what you’ve covered so far and we learn about how to figure out other people and get our messages across to them more effectively.  We develop our ability to take on many perspectives, and also overcome any bad communication experiences that might be hindering our progress and to then rather enhance our ability to communicate and relate as we want to.

  • Step 4 – Handling Conflict and Confrontation Skills

There is an art to being able to confront a person in a constructive way in order to find the win-win solution to a disagreement, or to build a relationship that seems in conflict most of the time.  This four hour course develops our un-insult-ability and gives us the structure and way forward to work through conflict and resolve the issue in a conscious, positive way.

 Package Option:

  • Communication Excellence Training
    I offer the steps 1, 2 and 3 in a bootcamp version, which is full 3 day course that will teach you the complexities and basics of how we communicate, to get our message across to others and improve relationships.

Another Programme: How to handle Feedback and Criticism

This Feedback Program helps managers grow their staff through performance appraisals. It is designed to give the theory to have the understanding of communicating effectively when giving feedback, coaching to overcome any blocks holding you back from being your best in giving appraisals of others work, and practical application to help you apply the best practices in giving feedback, into your style of managing. It is for those people who have the role of encouraging others to improve their performance on a task, in a team, or at their job. >> More info here.

Next Step

For information on dates and costs, please contact me.  I will also discuss with you which of the steps is appropriate for your needs, and we’ll work out the pathway that is right for you to develop your communication skills and improve your relationship skills.