Dare to Fly

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Happy Friday! And here’s our #FFF (Failure Feedback Friday's) musings for today: “Oh, welcome back [Fear]. Thanks for [...]

Fear and Courage, according to Maslow

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Maslow who is famous for his self-actualisation model, also mentions courage in relation to growth and safety needs. [...]

Mastering emotions with these 3 things

By |Jul 14th, 2020|Articles|

Emotions are a critical part of being human.  And they are just emotions. They are important signals that [...]

EVENT: Mastering Fear: How to Overcome Your Limiting Beliefs in Business

By |Mar 10th, 2019|Articles|

Is fear holding you back from achieving success in your business? Or perhaps, do you fear success itself? [...]

Case Study of a Coaching Programme

By |Jan 28th, 2015|Articles, case studies|

I met with CJ when she had just left the corporate world to start her own consulting firm. She had felt unempowered and not recognized in her corporate position, and the stress affected her, impacting her health negatively. CJ felt she needed to improve her self-belief and self confidence now that she was working on her own. And for her new business she knew she needed to do more networking and selling, yet this scared her so much because it was unfamiliar and she found it challenging to connect with people, foster relationships and make “small talk”. She was more task-focused, serious and reserved and hadn’t needed these skills till now. […]

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Case Study of overcoming fear of Public Speaking

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When I met my client KW, a successful entrepreneur, businessman and father, he did presentations and public speaking as an important part of his new venture. He always felt very nervous, concerned about what he was going to say, if his message would come across okay, and if the audience would respond. He had a fear of public speaking. Through the coaching, we uncovered that the underlying feeling and frame of mind for KW was that he felt he had to prove himself. If the talk failed then he was a failure and not good enough. Thus he put huge pressure on himself and this was evident in the level of anxiety and nervousness he experienced before any event. […]

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Ten points to deal with Anxiety

By |Feb 17th, 2014|Articles|

Written by Telana Simpson Anxiety and fear are two emotions that often hold us back from being ourselves, and achieving our goals. We’re anxious about what others think, fearful of making a mistake, scared of speaking up in public, worried about what might happen. Here are ten points to help you master the emotion of anxiety, such that you use it to become more authentic and to take the necessary and calculated risks to reach your goals. […]

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The Law of Action

By |Nov 12th, 2013|Articles|

Written by Telana Simpson There are some “Laws” in this world that many authors, gurus and accomplished people talk about. The theory states that the universe works according to a set of laws, which are as real as and have as much impact on our lives as the Law of Gravity. These are laws like the Law of Attraction, which the movie “The Secret” made very popular. […]

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The Power and Fear of Asking

By |Jul 15th, 2013|Articles|

Written by Telana Simpson “If we’re not vocalising what we want, then how sincere are we about what we want?” Philén questioned. Philén Naidu had learnt the power of his voice and asking for what he wanted during his 5 years walking around deep rural Zambia. He had a question and followed his heart, and found himself on an adventure packed with life lessons and learnings. […]

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