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I work with people who want to make changes to live a life they love, and who want to improve their communication skills and ability to express themselves verbally, creatively, emotionally and physically. I specialise in courage, communication, relationships, self esteem, EQ, overcoming self consciousness, handling conflict and fear of confrontation.

I completed my BSc(hons) in Psychology degree at WITS University, and then I spent some time overseas where I worked and traveled in Europe. Upon my return to South Africa, I joined bidorbuy.com and set up the training and operations for the company in South Africa and worldwide. In 2002, I worked as a Coach for Nandos, after which I helped expand Omega Cycling while studying coaching further. I started my own coaching practice, Inner Coaching, at the end of 2004. I’ve worked with hundreds of clients over the last (almost) two decades, and many have shared their experience in these testimonials.

My own challenges with facing fear and communicating led me to specialize in courage and communication skills, and develop training and coaching programmes to help individuals develop their ability to express themselves, and their potentials.

About Telana

Telana is a Courage Coach and author, helping people to be brave and shine, and live a life they love.  Through Inner Coaching and Bravery School, she coaches and trains professionals, talented people and entrepreneurs to have no regrets in life by having the conversations that count.  She is helping to change our world one courageous conversation at a time, and specializes in communication skills, the fear of failure and imposter syndrome, self esteem, EQ, overcoming self consciousness, handling conflict and fear of confrontation, and building relationships through conversations.

You can read more about me, my background, philosophy and the areas I specialise in, by following these links:

Other projects by Telana

Talking Points

Subjects I talk on include:

  • Courage and it’s cultivation
  • Self Consciousness
  • Self Esteem and Self Confidence
  • Overcoming Fear of Failure
  • Imposter Syndrome and how to beat it
  • The complexity of communication
  • Responsibility and accountability
  • Personal empowerment / personal power
  • How to not take things personally
  • Relationships and boundary setting
  • How to have tough conversations and positive confrontation
  • Communication skills for leaders
  • Emotions and how we should be using them in our boardrooms, bedrooms, dining rooms and school rooms

Client List

My clients include individuals from the corporate and private sectors, ranging from students to CEO’s, stay-at-home-Mom’s to entrepreneurs, and organizations like DBSA, Standard Bank, ABSA, WITS, CALS, Legal Aid Board, Uniglobe Travel, EMC, Edcon, DHA, GIBS, GROW, The Peer Group, Songhai Corporate Travel, P-cubed, Future Females, Fabulous Woman, Mercedez Benz-Damlier.

Articles / Media

Articles and publications that I have been featured in or talked about in include:

Content by Telana

Interviews in Media

Photos and Images

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