Courageous Living

I’m so excited to share what has been my life’s work (especially over the last two decades) around how to live courageously.


Living courageously involves:

  • Having access to our courage to do the things we really want to do in our lives.
  • Not letting fear (especially fear of failure or of being seen) hold us back from doing what we know we need to do, to have a successful career and happier life.
  • Not watering ourselves down, or compromising ourselves, such that we walk away from opportunities of growth and progress/advancement.
  • Playing it bold, rather than just safe,
  • and tapping into a life where we feel alive, vibrant and fully self-expressed!

If this excites you, then it’s time to cultivate your courage and get risk fit!

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I’ve come through my own journey and years of research, to know what it takes to move from being scared of failing or not pleasing someone else, to living on my own terms, with compassion and courage.

So join me as I share this bravery mindset and growth path for being fully self-expressed, in an exciting journey format with you, in my Bravery School.

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What are you waiting for?

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Are you ready to stop:

  • Feeling like a fraud (i.e. suffering from the imposter syndrome, if you know the term) so you don’t take opportunities to grow your career or relationships?
  • Doubting yourself, and having a low self esteem , that stops you even trying?
  • Fearing failure or being in the spotlight?
  • Procrastinating and being anxious about your goals and life?
  • Perfectionism holding you back?

And is it time to:

  • Be courageous in building your career, and have a work/life balance at the same time (not burnout)?
  • Develop your authentic presence that comes across confidently and with ease, especially in your presentations at work?
  • Have more courageous conversations in your personal relationships so that they grow and deepen in connection?
  • Change your behaviour so that you express yourself boldly, from a place of inner security and free expression, so you feel fully alive and in charge of your life?
  • Be you, more fully and courageously?

Enroll in Bravery School todayBravery School is where we learn to live courageously.

It offers at least two monthly sessions (in the form of courses, workshops and masterclasses) and a community of like minded courage seekers, to explore all aspects of living more courageously.  It’s for those of us who feel stuck in fear, and want to move to being risk-fit and brave in our work, relationships and creative expressions.

Through group trainings, useful resources, accountability and coaching, and with a community to help you grow your courage muscles, we’ll be learning the art of living more courageously in these areas:

  • Courageous conversations
  • Physical courage
  • Everyday and moral courage
  • Social courage
  • Creative courage

During our zoom training sessions, we will be covering a range of life skills and mindsets that fall under the four pillars of courageous living:

1. Foundation

After we’ve built a strong foundation in our attitude, beliefs and how we manage our self and emotions, we explore how we communicate and build relationships from this centre of strength and empowerment.

2. Removing blocks (what we don’t want)

Then we remove the blocks of procrastination, imposter syndrome, fear, self consciousness, perfectionism and all the things that dampen our bravery.

3. Developing skills and mindsets (what we do want)

We learn to cultivate our courage, trust ourselves, be resilient, grow our gumption and grit, and become risk-fit. We develop the skills of feedback, uninsultability, conflict resolution, optimizing and optimism.

4. Purpose and Vision

And we do this while uncovering, accessing and applying our vision and values, to live whole heartedly and with meaning and purpose.


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The Bravery School

Telana, your courage Coach, is here to keep you encouraged, accountable and inspired.  She’ll guide you to become risk fit, speak up, show up and create a life you will love, as you allow yourself to be you and the best version of yourself.

The Bravery School “Group Coaching & Training” membership includes:

  • Live in-depth training sessions in group format, online, with replay videos, exercises, and support materials as appropriate.
  • Access to the exclusive community Facebook group.
  • Library of past sessions, videos and podcasts.
  • Bonus resources and exclusive content.
  • Opportunities to purchase private coaching sessions at exclusive discount rates.
  • Membership site with access to all the materials in one place, for as long as you are a member.

Join now with the “earlybird SPECIAL” to receive 20% off your first 6 months of the monthly fee of R490.

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You have 3 Membership Levels to choose from:
1) Self Study (Free)
2) Group Coaching & Training (R490pm with early bird of 20% off for the first 6 months) and
3 ) VIP Personal Coaching (starting at R3900pm)
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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Bravery School?

Bravery school is designed by me, Telana, an experienced and trained Courage Coach. It is based on positive psychology, neuro-semantics and the work of other thought leaders in the field of courage and bravery, and communication and relationship skills.

This school is for helping those of us who fear failure, speaking up, and being seen, and so we miss opportunities that would make our lives so much better.

Bravery School is an online membership “platform” to learn about these growth strategies to live courageously.

Based on decades of research by me, I am offering a way to go on a journey with me, as we unpack the four pillars of living courageously and make the strategies and mindsets our way of being in the world.

You can choose the self study membership, if you want to just dip your toes into some brave ideas to become risk-fit, improve your communication skills and cultivate your courage.

Or you can choose a more in-depth approach, including 2 monthly live classes and many other benefits, to go on a journey to live more courageously. This is the fun Group Training and Coaching Membership.

If you prefer more personalised approach, we can explore the VIP Coaching membership and tailor a private and fast-track programme, just for you.

How will Bravery School benefit me?

Bravery School is a fun and accessible way for men and women who tend to give into fear, feel they compromise themselves or water themselves down, and want to rather cultivate their courage and skills to change their behaviour to speak boldly, in order to feel fully self expressed.

Based on sound positive psychology and neuro-semantics, Bravery School will support you in 4 pillars of personal development that are essential for courageous living. These are 1) developing a strong foundation for inner strength; 2) removing blocks that hold us back that are specifically related to living in fear, 3) developing the skills, mindset and inner resources to live and speak with courage, and 4) uncover the purpose and vision behind living big and whole heartedly.

You will stop:

  • Procrastinating
  • Shrinking yourself, hiding or avoiding opportunities
  • The imposter syndrome and fearing failure
  • Walking away from promotions, giving presentations, opportunities to speak up
  • Selling yourself out, and playing it safe rather than bold

You will gain:

  • The skills to turn difficult conversations into courageous ones, and manage giving presentations with ease and confidence.
  • How to learn from failure and regrets
  • Unstoppable self-confidence and strong self-esteem
  • Better relationships
  • Positive self-consciousness – the type that allows you to show up and shine in your own comfortable way
  • A life of value that you love!
  • And more.

All lessons are taught in bite-sized chunks, easily digestible and with very practical application in your actual daily life.

I have a coaching style, so you are held accountable to do the work (you know you need to do) to live courageously and feel supported and enCOURAGEd to grow and develop.

Bravery school is a fun and safe space for us! It’s where we can share our challenges, overcome our fears, practice new strategies, and get support and also celebrate with others who are on the same journey as us.

Who is Telana (the Courage Coach at Bravery School)?

I’m Telana, and I’ve been offering coaching and training since 2005.  Through my own challenges with overcoming fear (the fear of being seen, as in the “lime-light”, and of failing and being rejected) and believing that better communication is so key to better relationships and a better life, I’ve grown from a Communication Coach to a Courage Coach, where I keep learning and helping my clients to have more courageous conversations and to live courageously.

Because when we can show up for our self, we can then show up for our own life and for others, and also for the world.

Our experiences get richer, and more joyful.  There is an inner peace and ease that comes with living courageously, even when we are dealing with life’s challenges!

After many years of courses, and reading, and mentors, and life experiences, and research, I believe there are some steps and stages to developing a strong inner foundation, and then the outer skills to express ourselves more courageously.  I am sharing this in the most accessible and fun way online that I can think of to date, in the form of this Bravery School.

So I look forward to seeing you in “class” and living courageously alongside you!

Does this work? I mean, can we really learn to be brave?

YES! Most definitely!

I am proof, and also my almost 3 decades of clients who have got the amazing results of changing their lives, getting their dream jobs, finding their partner for life, starting their businesses, moving countries, improving their relationships, and enjoying an overall better quality of life from the inner peace and outer bravery they experience.

I understand the fear, and also the structure to move out of that fear and into living more courageously, and have not only some experience, but a bit of a knack at helping others learn this structure and the mindset and skills needed to grow and cultivate courage.

The main thing is you need to show up and do your part – do your “work” to make the changes and grow in the ways needed to live courageously.

And I am here with you every step of the way, to assist you and hold you accountable, and cheer you on!

(Clients share their experience about Bravery School here. And read here some testimonials from my clients about working with me on their communication and courage skills).

How long are the courses?

We’re on a journey towards living more courageously, and so each step supports the other ones.  And each part is broken into bite-sized chunks so that we can fit them into our busy lives and digest them more easily.

Thus the Courses can range from 7 weeks, an hour a week; to Masterclasses that can be 1 or 2 hours, or Workshops that might be more in-depth, and take us 3 hours.

Each course will be offered for the Group membership level, and members can attend live AND get all the trainings as replays, for a small reasonable monthly fee.

What if I can’t finish all the content every month?

It’s cool, I have your back!  The content will be in your members area for you to catch up on the replays at your leisure.

You can take your time and work at your own pace, or you can catch up if it’s been a busy month.  For as long as you are a Member of Bravery School, you will have access to all the content.  And you have access to me to ask questions and get feedback.

Can I learn remotely?

Yes- Bravery School is set up for being a virtual school.  So we will be using Zoom and Facebook lives and groups, and the membership site to host all the replays and worksheets you need.

So you can grow your courage from the your home or office, using your laptop or phone, from anywhere in the world.

Also, you can work through the classes in your own time, and get to enjoy the benefits of joining live sessions too.

How much time do I need to be successful in my learning?

Like any investment, the more time and effort you put in, the more you will gain.  For Bravery school, the classes will range from half an hour sessions in challenges, or one hour sessions a week over a few weeks, to 1.5 hour masterclasses.  And because we are developing our mindsets, sometimes just being open to the new ideas and ways of looking at things makes the shifts easy and instant. Othertimes, we need to revisit the information, read more about it, listen to additional voices in other podcasts/articles, and talk about it with others – so that takes a little time.

With courageous living, it’s about the living part – so many of the skills are applicable in your daily life, and so you can start straight way practicing them as you go about your day.

So the time needed to gain the most from Bravery school, is time to show up for the live classes, time to watch the replays if you missed the class or to revisit the lessons, and then to supplement the areas you want more information about with additional readings/podcasts.

Also you can spend just a few minutes a day participating in the Facebook Group, and that can help keep your new learnings top of mind as you incorporate them into your daily lifestyle.

Can I engage with others in the school to enhance my experience?

Absolutely! In fact, I encourage it!  The more we support one another, and participate in the activities and forums for discussion, the more we will learn, and the more we will develop the “muscle memory” for what we are trying to develop in ourselves.

Also the forums are a safe space to practice.  We can only develop and grow if we start practicing the ideas and strategies.  So in the Facebook Group, and other group activity opportunities I will be offering, is where we can try out the new ideas, and feel supported and encouraged.

How do I measure my progress? How is my progress measured by the school?

Great question!  Measuring how we progress is a useful strategy in developing, as when we can acknowledge achievements and celebrate them, we are actually reinforcing the learning and growth.

So you can measure your progress by setting yourself little goals that are measurable and then tracking them.  Also by noticing how your feelings and experience of day to day life is changing.  (more about self monitoring strategies with checklists to use, to come!)

As for how the Bravery School will measure your progress – you can ask for more personalised accountability and progress check-in’s through adding on some Accountability Coaching, or even just do a 2 hour Courageous Goal Setting Strategy Session. Just contact me for your special offer for this options.

For more info by clicking here.

I want to learn, but not sure about the live groups?

Sometimes our shyness or self-consciousness can hold us back from participating in group learnings.

No worries – I totally get it!   Been there, as once I was terrified of being seen and speaking up.

And if that is the case for you too, or there is some other reason, you can rest assured that I won’t ever put anyone on the spot (even though I do encourage us all to practice speaking up).

And so, in the zoom sessions, you can just listen and watch, or you can catch up on the replays afterwards.  I’m all for growth and learning, yet still stretching ourselves, but in a way when we are ready and prepared.

So you can still learn plenty from the sessions, and when you want to, participate in the group discussions.

I just signed up, but have not yet received any emails?

Just send me a direct message or email, and I will look into it and get the info you need to you asap.

If I want to cancel, can I? As I’m not sure this is for me, but willing to give it a go and try it out for a few months.

Yes, you can cancel anytime – just login to your Membership Account and cancel. Or send me an email on to request the cancellation.  I’d like a little feedback if you are open to it, (to learn and grow and make Bravery School better,) but no pressure to stay or to share, and I will honour your request straight away.

Are payment plans available?

For the Group Coaching & Training Membership, there is no payment plan, and it’s a very affordable monthly fee.  If you are truly cash strapped  (I’ve been there too, and so know what it’s like), you can apply for a bursary by emailing me.  There are package deals available, to purchase 6 month or year packages at a discounted rate.  Contact me for info.

For the VIP Coaching Membership, we can discuss your needs and work out a payment plan, so again, get in touch.

What if I have a question that is not listed on this page?

Just send your question to me via email on or WhatsAapp +27837302979, and I’ll reply as soon as I can. I’d love to hear from you!  (Other contact details here.)


What Past and current Bravery School Members have to say:

Stuart, Business Owner, shared this voicenote Dec 2021:

“I just wanted to say a big thank you for your passion and commitment.
You really have a knack of explaining something that is really quite complex in a simple and straight forward manner.
You have made such a positive impact on the way I see myself.
Thank you. Have a safe and sane festive break and I look forward to more personal improvement next year.”
 – Adam R. Corporate Professional, December 2021

Monique’s whatsapp message

“Hi T, thank you! We are learning so much from you! So very interesting and very helpful.”– Sarah, Graphic Designer, September 2021 

Stuart, Business Owner, October 2021

“Dear Telana,
I hope you are well.
…I would just like to thank you as always for reminding me of my self worth and that I am in control of how I feel and think about things. Thank you for giving me the chance to be courageous.
I really do appreciate it. May your Bravery School be blessed as I have been through it.
Regards, Natasha”
– Natasha, November 2021