Courageous Living

I’m so excited to share what has been my life’s work (especially over the last two decades) around how to live courageously.


Living courageously involves:

  • Having access to our courage to do the things we really want to do in our lives.
  • Not letting fear (especially fear of failure or of being seen) hold us back from doing what we know we need to do, to have a successful career and happier life.
  • Not watering ourselves down, or compromising ourselves, such that we walk away from opportunities of growth and progress/advancement.
  • Playing it bold, rather than just safe,
  • and tapping into a life where we feel alive, vibrant and fully self-expressed!

If this excites you, then it’s time to cultivate your courage and get risk fit!

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I’ve come through my own journey and years of research, to know what it takes to move from being scared of failing or not pleasing someone else, to living on my own terms, with compassion and courage.

So join me as I share this bravery mindset and growth path for being fully self-expressed, in an exciting journey format with you, in my Bravery School.

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Are you ready to stop:

  • Feeling like a fraud (i.e. suffering from the imposter syndrome, if you know the term) so you don’t take opportunities to grow your career or relationships?
  • Doubting yourself, and having a low self esteem , that stops you even trying?
  • Fearing failure or being in the spotlight?
  • Procrastinating and being anxious about your goals and life?
  • Perfectionism holding you back?

And is it time to:

  • Be courageous in building your career, and have a work/life balance at the same time (not burnout)?
  • Develop your authentic presence that comes across confidently and with ease, especially in your presentations at work?
  • Have more courageous conversations in your personal relationships so that they grow and deepen in connection?
  • Change your behaviour so that you express yourself boldly, from a place of inner security and free expression, so you feel fully alive and in charge of your life?
  • Be you, more fully and courageously?

Enroll in Bravery School todayBravery School is where we learn to live courageously.

It offers weekly sessions (in the form of courses, workshops and masterclasses) and a community of like minded courage seekers, to explore all aspects of living more courageously.  It’s for those of us who feel stuck in fear, and want to move to being risk-fit and brave in our work, relationships and creative expressions.

Through group trainings, useful resources, accountability and coaching, and with a community to help you grow your courage muscles, we’ll be learning the art of living more courageously in these areas:

  • Courageous conversations
  • Physical courage
  • Everyday and moral courage
  • Social courage
  • Creative courage

During our zoom training sessions, we will be covering a range of life skills and mindsets that fall under the four pillars of courageous living:


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The Bravery School

Telana, your courage Coach, is here to keep you encouraged, accountable and inspired.  She’ll guide you to become risk fit, speak up, show up and create a life you will love, as you allow yourself to be you and the best version of yourself.

The Bravery School “Group Coaching & Training” membership includes:

  • Live in-depth training sessions in group format, online, with replay videos, exercises, and support materials as appropriate.
  • Access to the exclusive community Facebook group.
  • Library of past sessions, videos and podcasts.
  • Bonus resources and exclusive content.
  • Opportunities to purchase private coaching sessions at exclusive discount rates.
  • Membership site with access to all the materials in one place, for as long as you are a member.

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You have 3 Membership Levels to choose from:
1) Self Study (Free)
2) Group Coaching & Training (R490pm) and
3 ) VIP Personal Coaching (starting at R3900pm)
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What Past and current Bravery School Members have to say:


Stuart, Business Owner, shared this voicenote Dec 2021:

“I just wanted to say a big thank you for your passion and commitment.
You really have a knack of explaining something that is really quite complex in a simple and straight forward manner.
You have made such a positive impact on the way I see myself.
Thank you. Have a safe and sane festive break and I look forward to more personal improvement next year.”
 – Adam R. Corporate Professional, December 2021

Monique’s whatsapp message

“Hi T, thank you! We are learning so much from you! So very interesting and very helpful.”– Sarah, Graphic Designer, September 2021 

Stuart, Business Owner, October 2021

“Dear Telana,
I hope you are well.
…I would just like to thank you as always for reminding me of my self worth and that I am in control of how I feel and think about things. Thank you for giving me the chance to be courageous.
I really do appreciate it. May your Bravery School be blessed as I have been through it.
Regards, Natasha”
– Natasha, November 2021