I am me

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Here is a beautiful and inspirational poem which starts to unpack what I mean by [be you]. Have [...]

Addicted to Comfortableness

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Written by Telana Simpson, inspired by Rob Nairn’s work Are you addicted to the right kind of comfortableness? As human beings we have the drive to learn and evolve. In order to grow spiritually or psychologically, inward development is needed and that involves being open to and getting in touch with our inner processes. I was listening to a lecture by Rob Nairn, a Western teacher of Tibetan Buddhism, about Projection and how it relates to our growth in life. He mentions that we need a degree of inner honesty and a growing self awareness to start this process. Telana diving with Andy, to face her fears and coming close to bass and sharks Being prepared to look at and face our inner activity and then to come to terms with it and integrate that activity, is all part of the process. Yet we find it so uncomfortable to do. […]

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Lessons of Authenticity from Ellen Page

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Written by Telana Simpson There are seven Leadership criteria, according to the work by Dr Hall, and three of these seven are being criteria.  That is, they are about how you be in the world, and not what you do. And all three of these being criteria are about being truthful in some way. These criteria are: […]

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The Truth about Yourself

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How relationships teach us about us By Telana Simpson Relationships. We can’t live with them, or without them.  We are always in relationship- just how we define the type of relationship or categorise it, is what changes.  Single. Married. Friend. Colleague. Boss. Ex. Stranger… […]

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