From Criticism to Effective Feedback

How managers can grow their staff through performance appraisals

Can you tick any of these points:

  • One of the worst parts of my job as a manager is doing the performance appraisals of my staff
  • I avoid and put off performance appraisal meetings as much as possible
  • I fear hurting the others persons feelings when I need to give them criticism of their work
  • I hate confrontation – it always leads to conflict, which I avoid at all costs
  • As much as I try, I just don’t seem to be able to get through to some staff about how they need to improve their performance on their job
  • My staff either argue with me, don’t say a word or cry when I give them criticism about their work
  • I wish I was more effective at giving feedback to my employees.

If so, know that in this programme, I coach you and teach you:

  • to give performance appraisals effectively and not hate doing them
  • for an empowering attitude about the whole performance appraisal process
  • about how to give feedback that opens a person up to growth and wanting more useful feedback
  • about emotional intelligence, empowerment, and your best states
  • for an enhanced map about conflict, relationships with staff, connection, cooperation, and working with and through people

My Feedback Program is designed to give you theory to have the understanding of communication skills in giving feedback, coaching to overcome any blocks holding you back from being your best in giving appraisals of others’ work, and practical application to help you apply the best practices in giving feedback, into your style of managing.

Who is this Feedback Programme for?

This programme is for those people who need to encourage and empower others to improve their performance on a task, in a team, or at their job. These people hold roles which include

  • Managers
  • Project Managers
  • Leaders
  • Go getters who know that they will get ahead by working with and through the people around them

This course is not for

  • Dictators or those who want to just tell people what to do
  • Those who don’t believe that there must be a way to say things that get staff to open up, learn, and grow
  • Those who are not drive to develop themselves and the people around them

You will learn

During this programme you will learn and develop the skills of:

  • How to get in rapport with others
  • The critical distinctions between criticism and positive criticism
  • How to give feedback, and also how to receive it
  • How to build another’s self esteem with the way you communicate
  • How to manage emotions, tears and defensiveness
  • How thinking styles impact understandings in terms of feedback

Length of Programme

This programme is 15 hours in length, broken into shorter sessions and scheduled to suit your diary.


This programme has coaching and training components

  • 6 hours of training is either one-or-one or in groups, depending on if this is a private or in house programme
  • 3 private coaching sessions are via Zoom or face to face at my office
  • 3 hours of shadow coaching happen at your office, giving actual real time feedback to help you incorporate the skills

About your Coach

Telana is a Confidence and Esteem TrainerI’m Telana Simpson, a Personal Communicating & Relating Coach and know the power of high quality effective feedback in developing others. I also use this to develop myself, actively seeking out feedback from others. I have a background in Psychology, the cognitive behavioural sciences of NLP and Neuro-Semantics, and I coach others to better their communication skills and improve their relationships. Read more about Telana here.

Next Step:

To explore if this “From Criticism to Effective Feedback” programme is for you and will meet your needs, and if Telana would be the right coach for you, get in touch to book a Readiness Session.