Public Speaking Skills that Shine under Pressure

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By Telana Simpson The Scenario What would you do if you found yourself in the following situation? You’re [...]

People who inspire me

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Sometimes life introduces us to amazing people, and their work or message touches us deeply. I experienced this with hearing of Karina Anderson’s work, and then interviewing her about the SmilingOne’s NPO initiative ‘The SmilingOne Foundation’ and the SmilingOne Change Agents. And then I had a conversation with one of those SmilingOne Change Agents, Franklin Esau, who turned his life around from one of crime, to a life of understanding and kindness, and a significantly positive contribution to society. Karina’s work is about inspiring personal value-based leadership, mainly in prisons. […]

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Ten Virtues of Outstanding Leaders

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Written by Telana Simpson “Although ambition is a part of leadership, it should be about doing a good job for others and not for a career move” exclaimed Al Gini, professor and author on business ethics and leadership. Gini was speaking at GIBS on his tour of South Africa and was addressing a packed auditorium. “Our ambition should be to be a good leader and not to be called a leader” he continued. Gini is all about the style of leadership known as Servant Leadership and was speaking about his book ‘Ten Virtues of Outstanding Leaders: Leadership and Character’ that he co-authored with Ronald Green. Leadership is a nominalization, and as such is not a thing that you can physically touch and see. It is a process, and involves a set of behaviours and character traits that result in actions with a specific outcome. […]

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Lessons of Authenticity from Ellen Page

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Written by Telana Simpson There are seven Leadership criteria, according to the work by Dr Hall, and three of these seven are being criteria.  That is, they are about how you be in the world, and not what you do. And all three of these being criteria are about being truthful in some way. These criteria are: […]

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Naked Leadership

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Written by Telana Simpson The tweet read: “It’s no use using the same road, you never learn much”. The four of us were squashed in the back of the van: a journalist, an architect, a coach and blogger, and an elder, with the film crew driving us down a bumpy dirt road in rural Zambia on our way to our next location, Chief Shakumbila’s Palace. […]

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