Have you decided to make a difference in this world?  Here is a resource that will help you with that decision.

Seth Godin has released a new book “The Practice: Ship Creative Work”  which focuses on how we talk to ourselves when we decide to make a difference.

It’s a book I will be reading very soon, but for now I got to hear my esteemed friend, colleague and past podcast co-host, Mongezi Mtati, chat with Seth about this book and some of the most useful concepts and practices it shares.

Please have a listen to this episode of The Lead Creative Podcast, especially to the first half which covers the topics we learn about in Bravery School, including:

  • There’s no such thing as writers block – only the fear of bad writing exists. So let’s not hide behind “writers block”.
  • If you have done something once, or another human has done it, then it is humanly possible, and you can do it again.
  • Practice is not about perfection, it’s about generosity.
  • Leaders are imposters – a very interesting element to overcoming the Imposter Syndrome. If you don’t feel like an imposter, you are hiding.
  • The biggest impedement we have to our own progress, is the story we tell ourselves, that we talk ourselves out of generous leadership.
  • And more!

So give this podcast a listen, it is well worth it, especially for those of us wanting to live courageously, and wanting to add our value to the world through what we do, fully and wholeheartedly.