Let’s Talk Communication

Let's Talk Communication PodcastCould we change the world by changing the type of conversations we have?

What if we were to have more of the type of conversations that are full of meaning and purpose, that shift things forward, that help us and others grow.

These conversations are the ones that count. So let’s talk Communication.

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Let's Talk Possibility PodcastLet’s Talk Possibility

Let’s talk about what is possible.

Let’s talk about the stories that inspire us, the people who give us hope, the challenges and hardships that can be overcome. And let’s talk about these things from an understanding that we can change, that anything is possible, and we sometimes just need to understand how.

We sometimes just need to hear someone else’s story for it to unlock in us the inspiring qualities that we see in them. For it to open a new way of looking at things, a way that gives us the energy and inspiration to go back into our own lives and try something different, and enjoy the new results.

Join our host Telana Simpson as she unpacks the mindsets of individuals who are doing extra-ordinary things. As she finds experts to share their knowledge, and dares them to keep it practical and relevant to today’s challenges. And as she and her guests endeavour to teach, share, laugh, learn, all to inspire you.

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