Learning from a Wise Guy

By |Feb 21st, 2019|Articles|

By Telana Simpson Have you ever admired someone, and wished that one day you might get to sit [...]

A Top Tip to Motivate Yourself and Others

By |Sep 12th, 2018|Articles, Home|

By Telana Simpson I have heard it said that the bushmen – the First People – had a [...]

How your word choice effects your motivation

By |Dec 18th, 2014|Articles|

Written by Telana Simpson “I can’t” or “I won’t”- It’s your choice, so you decide. Because your choice of language influences your experience of life. The actual words you use when you talk can create a state and a perception of reality that will result in you experiencing life in a certain way. If you don’t believe me, then try this little exercise: […]

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How to motivate yourself

By |Dec 18th, 2014|Articles|

Written by Telana Simpson How motivated are you to achieving your goals? In previous articles I spoke of frames of mind and how they relate to communication. Well, these frames of mind also influence how we communicate with ourselves, and thus motivate ourselves. One particular frame of mind is very much linked to our motivation, and the direction we tend to send our mind and focus our attention. […]

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Never work again

By |May 17th, 2013|Articles|

Would you like to not work another day in your life? Then you need to answer the Big WHY Question: Why am I doing what I am doing? When we experience peak moments in life things flow for us.  We feel inspired and enthusiastic.  We love what we are doing when we are awake, and wish we didn’t need to sleep. Everything we do has meaning and gives us a sense of purpose, which unlocks so much energy to do more and make a difference. These peak experiences are more common for someone who is self actualizing. […]

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Suffering from Year End Slump?

By |Dec 4th, 2012|Articles|

With the end of the year being the busiest time, our motivation and energy levels often experience a slump. How do we manage to keep going when all we want is our holiday to arrive?  Can we still add value and keep our standards of quality when we feel so tired and low? […]

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