Would you like to not work another day in your life?

Then you need to answer the Big WHY Question: Why am I doing what I am doing?

When we experience peak moments in life things flow for us.  We feel inspired and enthusiastic.  We love what we are doing when we are awake, and wish we didn’t need to sleep. Everything we do has meaning and gives us a sense of purpose, which unlocks so much energy to do more and make a difference.

These peak experiences are more common for someone who is self actualizing.

If you’re not having these moments often, you’re more likely to fall into the category of people who moan about having to work, hate their jobs, struggle to get out bed and can’t wait for the weekend, and then find themselves dreading Mondays.

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If you do have great visions for your life, but nothing seems to happen and you feel stagnant, you might be spending too much of your life in “fluffland”, where you have more meanings and less action, and feel incongruent.

If you’re a high performer, getting a lot of things ticked off your To Do List, a workaholic in over performance mode, you’ll find yourself in the burnout zone too often. The more you take action and keep running in the rat race, without reflecting on your Big WHY, the more what you do becomes less meaningful and you feel less motivated and happy.

And both these places feel like “Work”. When we love what we spend most of our waking hours doing, we’ve found enough of a vision (meaning) and act (perform) enough to feel the flow.

“The more you act on your meanings and the more you give richer meanings and challenge to your actions, the more you self-actualize your potentials.”
– Dr Michael Hall

You find yourself in the high performance space when you work long hours, often achieving tremendous success in terms of money and status from your high efficiency, yet realising that you are way less effective in your life and relationships. What helps you unlock even more of your potential is to take the time and make the space to ask the questions to find your Big WHY- to connect to your meaning and purpose.

Those who are in fluffland, with an overflow of meaning and vision and value, you’ll find you have no shortage of dreams and wonderful visions, yet you’ll realize you lack in the taking of actions that will achieve those dreams. What helps to unlock your potential is to learn to hold yourself accountable and develop strategies to implement and then execute all the ideas you create in your world of meaning. Follow through and discipline are key here to live your Big WHY.

Either way, when you find your sweet spot (and move out your sweat spot!) of enough meaning to feel stretched and inspired and enough performance to see the results, you’ll…. never…. work… again. Each day will be another fantastic opportunity to do what you love – to perform your Big WHY into existence, so that you’ll look back one day knowing that you unlocked your potential and had such fun doing so!

But don’t believe me – I’m just a Coach who helps people find their sweet spot. Instead, hear it from Andrew – a man who is highly successful, making a big impact and declares that he hasn’t worked for years, and will never work again in his life, all because he found his Big WHY:

Download the Audio file here.


About the Author:

Telana is a dynamic, transformational Personal Coach and Blogger who specializes in communicating and relating.  She is fascinated by consciousness evolution and goes on adventures to push her boundaries and preconceptions.  She offers coaching and training programmes to help individuals develop their ability to express themselves and their potentials and is a host of an online TV show.