How to not take things personally

By |Mar 22nd, 2017|Articles|

If you have heard others repeatedly say to you “stop taking things so personally” with a tone of exasperation and frustration, and heard yourself say “everybody is just against me, I can’t seem to do anything right” then it might be time to put down those victim-mentality glasses that taint the way you see the world. I’m guessing that you feel always under attack, like you are never good enough, that nobody ever listens to you, they are always challenging what you say, and you feel so alone in the world.

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Case Study of our Live Coaching Programme

By |Jun 18th, 2015|Articles, case studies|

M.R. is a Sales Manager for a large organization, and is a mother of three, studying for her MBA and driven to advance her career towards becoming COO. Yet she knew that she would need to grow in a few areas and develop her communication skills to achieve her ultimate goals. She experienced a fear of confrontation, and so steered away from asserting herself or speaking up, and found that others walked over her and she battled to get her team’s buy-in and get them on board to her sales strategy. […]

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Why so emotional?

By |Oct 18th, 2013|Articles|

Written by Telana Simpson “We know that, you’ve said it before” was the response I got when I was sharing my emotions with the team around an issue to do with a long term project I’ve been working on. That interruption stopped my train of thought and instead of moving from expressing the emotion I had to next share the underlying issue, I found that I rather had to deal with the interruption. […]

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Self Esteem and Relationships

By |Apr 14th, 2013|Articles|

“Hello Me. We need to talk. It’s just not working, so I’m breaking up with you.” It’s a bit absurd when you read that sentence. Yet often we neglect the one relationship we just can never end or walk away from- the one with our self. The relationship we have with our own self worth is a fundamental premise by which we live our lives, […]

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