Public Speaking Skills that Shine under Pressure

By |Sep 17th, 2018|Articles|

By Telana Simpson The Scenario What would you do if you found yourself in the following situation? You’re [...]

Case Study of a Coaching Programme

By |Jan 28th, 2015|Articles, case studies|

I met with CJ when she had just left the corporate world to start her own consulting firm. She had felt unempowered and not recognized in her corporate position, and the stress affected her, impacting her health negatively. CJ felt she needed to improve her self-belief and self confidence now that she was working on her own. And for her new business she knew she needed to do more networking and selling, yet this scared her so much because it was unfamiliar and she found it challenging to connect with people, foster relationships and make “small talk”. She was more task-focused, serious and reserved and hadn’t needed these skills till now. […]

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How taking different perspectives can improve your communication

By |Sep 24th, 2014|Articles|

Ever taken a moment to step back and think about how the position from which you are perceiving something is influencing your communication in that moment? Well I invite you now to pause for a moment and explore a concept with me in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) called “Perceptual Positions”. […]

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The Law of Flexibility

By |Mar 31st, 2014|Articles|

Written by Telana Simpson When pushed, do you pull? When pulled, do you push? And when a force comes towards you, do you get out of the way? This level of non-resistance is reflected in the martial arts of t’ai chi and aikido, and are the embodiment of the Law of Flexibility. […]

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From people pleasing to self confidence

By |Sep 16th, 2013|Articles|

Written by Telana Simpson Are you very aware of others and how they feel or might be experiencing an event? Do you crave feedback and especially encouragement from your boss or loved one? Do you feel compelled to people please, often at your own expense? Then you might be running an “others” style of referencing. If on the other hand you are a fairly independent person, who does a lot of autonomous thinking and prefers less supervision, you might be more self-orientated. You’ll notice that you find it easy to make decisions by yourself. And sometimes others will think that you are oblivious to the outside world as you tend to be ‘inside’ yourself quite often. […]

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