Malebo’s Testimonial about Breakthrough Sessions

By |May 16th, 2018|Testimonials|

“Inner Coaching has helped me Own My Power. I am now able to make responsible and informed decisions [...]

Mordie Kruger’ testimonial

By |Apr 27th, 2012|Testimonials|

“I am very pleased to say - I received my results on Friday 16:00 - and I PASSED!!!!!! [...]

Sean Ramsden’s Testimonial

By |Apr 27th, 2012|Testimonials|

"Surprisingly efficacious. I would recommend that persons, particularly of strong or willful character as I am and who [...]

C.D.’s Testimonial

By |Apr 27th, 2012|Testimonials|

"I was faced with what I found to be an enormously challenging and difficult emotional decision. The situation [...]

A.D.’s Testimonial

By |Apr 27th, 2012|Testimonials|

"Telana has an empathic and insightful approach combined with an ability to challenge appropriately and gently. Telana's wisdom [...]

M.B.’s testimonial

By |Apr 27th, 2012|Testimonials|

"I needed so help in making a big life changing career choice, didn't know which way to turn. [...]

Kenneth Sun’s Second Testimonial

By |Apr 27th, 2012|Testimonials|

"Inner Coaching's inspiring coaching sessions really helped me get the most out of my life. It has given [...]

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